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In Our
We Trust
Trust content from
companies whose
products they
don’t buy
or family
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The State of Content: Rules of Engagement for 2016

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We surveyed more than 12,000 consumers across six countries to get a deeper understanding of evolving consumer expectations and how they are fueling marketers’ challenge. The report sheds light on five rules for content marketers to follow in optimizing engagement with their target audiences. For more, check out the full report: http://www.adobe.com/go/globalstateofcontent

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The State of Content: Rules of Engagement for 2016

  1. 1. 4 In Our Relationships We Trust Trust content from companies whose products they don’t buy 23% 65% Friends or family members Colleagues 36% Trust content from companies whose products they do buy 43% People are most likely to share content when it comes from a source they’re close to, such as a friend, family member or a colleague. Said asking permission to access data would make them more comfortable. 5 Don’t Show Up Uninvited Believe companies could do something to ease their concern. Of those not comfortable sharing information: 75%Are willing to share at least one piece of personal information to improve content recommendations from brands. 40% 25% 3 29% Believe that entertaining content is more important than content that is accurate. 70%Agree that humor makes companies more relatable. You Really Need to Lighten Up 14% Rate company- created content as entertaining. BUT JUST 42%believe entertainment is more important than being accurate. In France 2 9of 10 Nearly Don’t Fall Victim to #TLDR (Too Long, Didn’t Read) Would stop engaging if content is too long. Would switch devices or stop viewing altogether when encountering content that fails to meet their expectations. 79% 67% Would do the same if the content doesn’t display well on their device. 83%On average 1 Design for the Multiscreen Reality Of global consumers report they multiscreen, using 2.23 devices. Are distracted by multiscreening. 47% Ranked display as most would rather engage with content that’s beautifully designed vs. simple. 59% 54% important when it comes to viewing content in their personal life. Listed overall good design, such as appealing layout and photography, as important. As attention spans shrink 65%DISPLAY The data points referenced above come from a study commissioned by Adobe, produced by research firm Edelman Berland and conducted as an online survey among a total of 12,169 consumers in six countries, over the age of 18 using at least one digital device. The global data presented in total in the report uses an aggregate of six countries (U.S.A., U.K., Germany, France, Japan and Australia). Data was collected Sept. 12-29, 2015 by Edelman Berland. The margin of error was +/- .89%. For more information on the results visit www.adobe.com/go/globalstateofcontent. The stakes are higher than ever for brands to create content that can break through the noise. Follow these simple rules to engage consumers in 2016. RULE S OF ENG AG EMENT FOR 2016 5 THE STATE OF CONTENT