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The Future of Work: More than a Machine Infographic

Our latest study “The Future of Work: More than a Machine” explores office workers’ perceptions of technology’s role at work. Here's a look at results from U.S. respondents. Check out the full study showing results from the U.S., U.K. and Germany [https://www.slideshare.net/adobe/the-future-of-work-more-than-a-machine-77270128] and a similar study we released in May 2016 surveying office workers in the U.S., U.K. and India. [http://www.adobe.com/content/dam/acom/en/aboutadobe/pdfs/Future-of-Work-2016.pdf]

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The Future of Work: More than a Machine Infographic

  1. 1. Technology enables productivity. A large majority want to use artificial intelligence (AI) at work. Office workers are interested in AI*... are interested in using intelligent personal assistants2 (IPAs) for work today. U.S. office workers say technology will complement humans, rather than replace them1 . Giving them creative suggestions / inspiring content 18% say better technology would make their workday easier. 88% say technology makes them more productive. 89% think their jobs will change in five years. 87% THE FUTURE OF WORK MORE THAN A MACHINE GERMANY 76% U.S. 72% U.K . 66% Reminding them about tasks 49% Helping with finding or editing electronic documents 25% #FutureOfWork Follow Adobe on and For more information on the results visit "The Future of Work: More than a Machine." In a technology-rich future, most office workers don’t feel very equipped to succeed. feel “very equipped” to succeed in the future. 30% Only Workers say technology will free them from menial tasks in the future. The data points referenced above come from the “Future of Work: More than a Machine” study commissioned by Adobe, conducted as an online survey of 1,042 U.S., 2,026 U.K., and 1,002 German office workers who work with a computer daily. Data was collected from May 17–30, 2017. The margin of error for the U.S. and German samples is +/- 3% and for the U.K. sample is +/-2%. This study builds on the May 2016 research study “Work in Progress,” which was conducted among U.S., U.K. and Indian office workers. 1 Results for U.S. office workers unless otherwise indicated. 2Intelligent personal assistants are voice-activated devices used today for such tasks as getting information from the web, making to-do lists, etc. Adobe and the Adobe logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2017 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved. *Those U.S. workers interested in using IPAs for work. office workers say their job could not be carried out by a machine in its entirety. 2 OUT OF 3 of menial office tasks will be done by a machine / technology in the next 20 years. 63%