The Evolution of Film Editing

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In 1934 the Academy Awards introduced a new category: Film Editing, awarding an Oscar to Conrad A. Nervig for his work on the movie Eskimo. Often called “the invisible art,” editing has made movies possible since they first began, but the field still struggles to gain the appreciation from the general public that it deserves. Not us. We've always been big fans. To celebrate the art of editing, we’ve put together a quick visual timeline spanning 125 years.

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The Evolution of Film Editing

  1. 1. VII‘ Adobe THE EVOLUTION OF FILM EDITING Film editing has always been a fine art, but the tools of the trade have changed dramatically over time. Here are some of the key milestones from the past 125 years. THE ORIGIN OF MOVIES I890: TH E KIN ETOGRAPH . Thomas Edison and William Dickson help pioneer the use of celluloid film to create motion pictures with their innovative camera, the Kinetograph. I900s: THE FIRST CUTS | I I I The first movies with multiple scenes debut, cut with scissors and tape on editing tables. Films soon I I I I I I include color, close-ups, wipe transitions, and special effects. I9I6: TECHNICOLOR Technicolor revolutionizes the way color is added to film. I924: MOVIOLA Moviola, the world's first successful editing machine, is invented by Iwan Serrurier. I934: AN ACADEMY AWARD The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awards its first Oscar for film editing. I THE DAWN OF VIDEOTAPE I956: FIRST VIDEO RECORDER AIVIPEX The first Ampex video tape recorder (VTR) is released, I allowing television to be recorded and edited using magnetic tape, replacing earlier film-to-TV telecines. | I958: VTR IOOO Ampex VTR1000s are widely used, encouraging new editing methods for a magnetic medium with no visible frames. I960: NEW EDITING TABLES Traditional film editing evolves beyond early Steenbeck flatbed machines with new Intercine and KEM editing tables. I96I: EECO 900 ELECTRONIC EDITORS The EECO 900 electronic editing controller The Ampex Electronic Editor makes it possible to BPPGBTS. Using Precise timeC0d€S- edit film and videotape without physical splicing or cutting. THE NONLINEAR EMERGENCE I97I: CMX 600 The first computerized nonlinear editor (NLE), the CMX 600, is introduced for offline editing, requiring disk drives the size of washing machines. I984: EDITDROID EDITDROID EDITING svsfl-: M Lucasfilm creates the EditDroid, a computer workstation that uses multiple analog LaserDiscs to enable II N G random-access editing. EMC and Avid introduce the world to nonlinear film-editing 20 OOS: M U R E C P U software, followed by Adobe Premiere, ushering in an era of professional digital editing suites. °'? Multicore CPUs grant ordinary computers "‘ ‘.3 the resources to edit digital video at 1'3""; progressively higher resolutions. 2OIS: DIGITAL DOMINANCE Digital movie cameras, digital film distribution and projection, and digital editing software now dominate the industry. AN INTEGRATED FUTURE Adobe Premiere Pro CC enables film editors to access their work anywhere through the Adobe Creative Cloud, while the disparate streams of editing, coloring, and visual FX increasingly merge through the integrative power of software. Filmmakers benefit from growing creative control, using any device they have on hand for smoother workflows, and enjoy an ongoing period of digital evolution. Adobe, the Adobe logo, Creative Cloud, and Adobe Premiere Pro are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States 1/ ‘_ and/ or other countries. All other trademarks are the property oftheir respective owners. (‘ * V T