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Industry Support for the Adobe Digital Academy Playbook

The Adobe Digital Academy is a modern apprenticeship program that provides an alternate and accelerated pathway into tech for career-switcher candidates from nontraditional backgrounds. We're proud to now open source the process behind creating the Adobe Digital Academy to help other companies develop similar apprenticeship programs.

Download the Adobe Digital Academy Playbook: http://adobe.com/go/digitalacademyplaybook
Learn more: https://theblog.adobe.com/reskilling-with-the-adobe-digital-academy/

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Industry Support for the Adobe Digital Academy Playbook

  1. 1. “ “ TALENT REWIRE Adobe’s Digital Academy is one of the best examples I’ve seen of an employer reducing barriers and providing opportunities for untapped talent to thrive in their workplace. But what makes Adobe’s program extraordinary is their desire to not only fill Adobe’s talent pipeline, but also the talent pipeline of other organizations seeking tech talent. I hope their work and the Digital Academy Playbook inspire many other employers to build modern apprenticeship programs that create business and social value. –– Nicole Trimble, Managing Director, Talent Rewire
  2. 2. “ “ PARADIGM Companies that recognize great talent doesn't always come from a traditional background not only have a competitive hiring advantage, but they’re broadening the perspectives of their workforce. Paradigm was thrilled to partner with Adobe on the development of the Adobe Digital Academy and to help train their candidates for long-term success. I hope Adobe’s forward-thinking approach to apprenticeship will inspire similar efforts from other companies, and ultimately contribute to a more diverse tech industry. –– Joelle Emerson, Founder and CEO, Paradigm
  3. 3. “ “ UPWARDLY GLOBAL Upwardly Global is committed to advancing equity and inclusion in our workforce—and with the Adobe Digital Academy, we have a like-minded partner. Together, our organizations are transforming lives. The Adobe Digital Academy creates an incredible opportunity for the job seekers in Upwardly Global’s program—college-educated immigrants and refugee professionals working to rebuild their careers in a new country—to garner valuable skills, networks, and U.S. work experience in high-demand technical fields. As the Adobe Digital Academy Playbook brings this potential and impact to scale, we’re making important steps in an economy where everyone can contribute and thrive. –– Mary Lee, National Director of Employer Engagement, Upwardly Global
  4. 4. “ “ HACK THE HOOD Our goal at Hack the Hood is to foster young talent into tech pathways, and our partnership with the Adobe Digital Academy has amplified that opportunity. In 2017, we began to funnel our graduates into the Adobe Digital Academy program. Proudly, we've watched those students become contributing innovators, web developers, and software engineers at worldwide companies. From our partnership with the Adobe Digital Academy, we've learned that when our students have grit, creativity and the added benefit of this kind of opportunity, they have higher chances of success. Our hope is that if this model is highly adapted, we can continue to build an inclusive economy for underrepresented talent. –– Tashae Hawkins, Education & Training Director, Hack the Hood
  5. 5. ““ DIGITAL NEST The Digital NEST and the Adobe Digital Academy have the same mission of giving opportunities to groups who are underrepresented in the tech industry, and Adobe has been an amazing partner. At the NEST, youth get a variety of technology skills and experience working in an office environment. The Adobe Digital Academy provides the next level of skill necessary for our youth to get hired at companies building more advanced technology. Every part of this program is important for the youth in our community. They need the living stipend to sustain themselves while they learn, the scholarship to pay for the additional education, the mentorship to be able to see other people similar to them who have made it in the tech industry, and the support to navigate their job search. This is a model that truly makes getting their foot in the door accessible. –– Yazmin Herrera, Senior Program Manager, Digital NEST
  6. 6. “ “ GENERAL ASSEMBLY The team at General Assembly is continually inspired by the caliber of talent coming through the Adobe Digital Academy, and we are proud of our collaboration with Adobe to create pathways into tech careers for these students. At GA, we’re big believers that talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not, and our hope is that other companies follow Adobe’s lead by making meaningful investments to create access to careers in tech, data and design for high-potential talent from undeserved and overlooked communities. –– Jake Schwartz, Co-Founder & CEO, General Assembly
  7. 7. ““ OKTA At Okta, we’re on a mission to strengthen the connections between people, technology and community. To do that, we are committed to creating balanced teams where diverse skills and backgrounds are valued and appreciated for the unique perspectives they bring to our organization. We have a number of partnerships with diverse sourcing avenues that provide opportunities for people from nontraditional backgrounds to get into tech, such as Year Up, and are always looking to do more. The Adobe Digital Academy provides a fantastic opportunity for those looking to get into tech from nontraditional backgrounds and will be a great playbook for other companies interested in taking a similar approach to creating a more diverse future. –– Madhavi Bhasin, Head of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging, Okta