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Adnan Krawi

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Adnan Krawi

  1. 1. Adnan Krawi Personal Data Nationality: Syrian Date of Birth: August/29/1990 Marital Status: Single GSM: + 961 71 637052 GSM: + 963 988 320044 Address: Beirut Bchamoun near school rotor Driving license: Granted in: 19/10/2009 Valid till: 18/10/2017 Military service: Exempt. Email: Adnankrawi@gmail.com LinkedIn: lb.linkedin.com/in/AdnanKrawi A Brief bout me Mechatronics engineer have passion about new technologies, Mechanical designing, IT, and CAD/CAM designing. Searching for Job that offers chance to develop my skills, Challenge, experience and achieve me self-satisfy, On the other hand I will use my skills in the best way to achieve the goals which ensure the company's growth and development. My favorite Fields: Product Design, Home Automation, Solid Design and plastic Molding, 3D printing, Robotics, Mechatronics Systems (Design, Study, Simulate and Simulation), CAD/CAM software and proses , Networking and IT administration. Education 2014 Tishreen University (TU), Lattakia, Syria Major: Bachelor in Mechatronics Engineering. This college was established in Tishreen University with the assistance of the agency of JICA from Japan in 2003. It's a (5 years) five years study Electronics, Mechanics, computer, controlling systems micro-controller, and robots technology. The graduation project’s major topic is: “Reading ID with data-base attached micro-controller controlling circuit”. Work 2014 (6 month till now) First Class R&D , Beirut, Bchamoun -Mechatronics engineering (R&D Eng.): Solid Designer, Controller programmer and Java Programmer Assistance, Smart Home Automation Company.
  2. 2. Responsible for Designing New Products and all other issues that related to design, Molding, Mechanical Simulation for New Product-Prototypes, 3D printing and Controlling System Programs. -Also was part of Media streaming team Architecture that worked on streaming in our company products. -worked with PCB , micro controller and micro-possessor . 2007-2013 (4 years ) New Center : Lattakia: • IT technical responsible for software hardware PC , Laptops , installation and maintain . • install and maintain local LAN network . • Electronics maintain of PC's and Laptop's parts . 2012-2013 (5 month) Icard Academy: Lattakia: • Worked as teacher for C++, C# Programing languages. Giving Private Course for College students. • Also I’ve Tough SolidWorks level (1) for several colleagues. 2008-2012 (3.5 years intermittently) Al-Nour Center: Lattakia: • Worked as teacher for Programing language (C, C++, C#) Also (MatLab) • Teacher for Microcontroller (PIC-Arduino). • Teacher for (AutoCAD [2D , 3D] and Mechanical desktop). • Teacher for (Solid Work). 2009, 2012 (6 month) Dar-Al-Bashaaer: Lattakia: • Worked as teacher for Programing language (C++). • Teacher for (AutoCAD [2D , 3D] and Mechanical desktop). 2006-2009 (2.5 years intermittently) New Tech: Lattakia: • Computer Maintenance (Software / Hardware). • Local Network operator and maintainer. Courses 2005 Association Al-Bashaaer Auto desk AutoCAD 2D&3D 2009-2011 Al-Raii Institution Complete seven level of English conversation tutorials. 2011 Legend Institution
  3. 3. Advanced Microcontrollers; software and hardware, Which consists of three levels (three months for each level). Concentrating in designing circuits that contains programmable Micro-controllers for special purposes. Interests & Achievements Solid Design: Finish up few design for new smart-home company, help in Circuit design, molding [plastic molding and injuction], lighting, sound system production and designing. System Design: Participate in designing and programming a Smart Home System. Programming and Circuit designing. Language: Excellent skills in English language (writing, speaking and reading). Computer: Specialize in Computer Maintenance for 12 years, interesting in Network, and any news in technology. Very good experience with IT maintenance and networks. Sports: Swimming, football. Activities: Shared in some volunteer activity, Was Part of some Free Education Training courses. Project: o Simulation and design of a solar power system using MatLab. o Quad copter. o Auto controlling Car drive on line. o Reading ID System with computer connect via USB. o Prayer Time Clock. o Wireless Discovery robot with wireless FM cam. o Smart HVAC system with both PID and Fuzzy logic controlling Methods. o Others small project Using PIC and other IC’s o Working with many College projects. Other: - Working as Private Teacher “helping with computer engineering subjects” for 2 years.
  4. 4. Skills • Very Good skills with programming. • Good in programming languages, C, C++, C# and beginner in java. • Knowledge of VHDL and assembly code. • High Experience in SolidWorks, Designing, plastic Molds, 3D Printing. • High experience in MatLab (programming, simulation). • High experience in design and execute circuit board (PCB). • Highly proficient at Excel, Word & PowerPoint. • Excellent analytical and troubleshooting skills. • Very Good experience in CAD Programs Such as (AutoCAD – AutoCAD Mechanical – Inventor – SolidWorks). • Good knowledge in CNC machines. • Good knowledge in 3D Printers. • Self-trained on microcontrollers, AVR and PIC-oriented circuits with many electronic projects. • Self-trained on many designing software (mechanical desktop, MatLab, Solids Works, visual studio C# ... etc.). • Performing many projects. • Good Knowledge of PLC (programmable logical controller). • Comprehensive team and interpersonal skills. • Well organized and detailed oriented. • Good experience in managing social network. • Good knowledge in network and operation system (Linux, Windows). • Quick learning and adapting. Languages Arabic: Native Language English: excellent writing, speaking, and reading References and recommendations Available upon request.