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Saudi emc today presentation

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Saudi emc today presentation

  1. 1. EMC Today Strategy & Vision Raif Abou Diab Distribution Manager – Saudi Arabia EMC Corporation Raif.aboudiab@emc.com © Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 1
  2. 2. EMC Financial Strength 2011 Fortune 500 Rank 152 2011 Revenues* $19.6B 2011 R&D Investment* > $2B 2011 R&D As A Percentage Of Revenues* ~ 11% 2011 Free Cash Flow* $4.0B 2010 Total Cash And Investments $9.5B Market Value $49B *Note: 2011 estimates and guidance; market capitalization as of 21 April 2011. © Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 2
  3. 3. 2011 Our Journey To The Cloud/Big Data CLOUD MEETS BIG DATA 2009 JOURNEY TO THE CLOUD 2007 INFORMATION & VIRTUAL 2005 INFRASTRUCTURE INFORMATION 2003 LIFECYCLE ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT STORAGE EMC Cumulative 8 Year Technology Investment R&D $10.5B M&A $14B © Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 3
  4. 4. EMC‟s Mission… To Lead Customers On Their Journey To Cloud Computing And Transforming IT . . . By Enabling Them To Store, Manage Protect And Analyze Their Information Assets In A More Agile, Trusted And Cost-efficient Way. © Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 4
  5. 5. EMC Values • Focus and Channel Growth • New simplified Partnering Program • Financially strong • Strong acquisition path • Number one market share position in many segments • Complete portfolio to help your customers to start their Virtualization Journey • Expert in storage, software and services © Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 5
  6. 6. EMEA Channel Vision By becoming the number 1 channel company, EMC will attract & develop the best Partners and Employees, supporting our goal as the undisputed leader in enabling Cloud Computing 6 © Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 6
  7. 7. Critical Strategies to Achieving the Vision Inspirational People Culture V Channel Centric Go-To-Market Model I S Channel Sales and Services Readiness I O Best in Class Demand Generation Engine N Lead the Journey to the Private Cloud 7 © Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 7
  8. 8. Go To Market – Middle East & E. Africa Coverage model? Which Accounts? Coverage criteria Direct Touch-led Global accounts Strong EMC direct – EMC Sales Managers relationship accounts Top tier enterprises – Pre-sales TCs accounts Leverage Partners‟ – BU Specialists Values if avail/needed List of Named Fulfilment from partners Accounts EMC Services Enterprise (T1 & Some T2 Ent. District Manager Sets Named partners) the List. Accounts Remaining Enterprise Partner – Led Enterprise & Mid- Distribution Model Market customers Distribution‟ Focus & Market Coverage some Tier1 partners Non-Named Mid-Market Different T2 Players CSM & Partner TC Partner Coverage focusing on MM Support Price Sensitive Partner Services Accounts Bundles, Promotions… SMB © Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 8
  9. 9. GTM Segmentation Global Employees AMO per ENT CHANNEL LEVERAGE year 500+ < 1m$ Commercial CHANNEL ASSIST 250-500 < 250 k$ 100-250 SMB CHANNEL LED <100* NEW SMB NEW SMB Customers Prospects NEW NEW Commercial Commercial * SMB focus will be on 100-500 employee space based on greatest opportunity © Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 9
  10. 10. Turkey Emerging Africa & Middle East REGION 2011 Turkey* Pakistan* Libya** UAE* Jordan** Morocco** Algeria** COE Qatar* Egypt* Bahrain Ghana** Saudi* Nigeria* Kuwait** Egypt COE North Gulf South Gulf Kenya* Africa Saudi 500 Employees Turkey Egypt Legal Entities est.* Proposed Expansion** Libya © Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 10
  11. 11. Turkey Emerging Africa & Middle East @ the center of investments 12 Offices Center Of 500+ Excellence in Cairo Employees 29% Revenue Growth 11/10 © Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 11
  12. 12. EMC Today is an Information Infrastructure Company… Information Growth Continues at a Tremendous Rate Information And, more and more of that information is becoming business/mission critical! © Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 12
  13. 13. …Delivering Information Lifecycle Management Solutions Data Base 120 Development Code Email 100 Customer Billing Images Data Value 80 60 40 20 0 7 14 21 28 3 6 9 1 5 10 Days Days Days Days Months Months Months Year Years Years Time Source: Enterprise Storage Group © Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 13
  14. 14. EMC‟s Investment in Innovative Technology Over $4 billion in direct R&D – PLUS – over $8 billion invested in . . . Information RSA Network Tablus Intelligence Verid Security Authentica Valyd Content Documentum Captiva Document Mgmt Ask Once Acartus ProActivity X-Hive Sciences Kazeon Virtualization / Rainfinity Acxiom YottaYotta Data Mobility VMware Akimbi 1/03 1/04 1/05 1/06 1/07 1/08 1/09 1/10 Dolphin Internosis Interlink Geniant Conchango Services BusinessEdge Resource Configuresoft Archer Management Astrum Smarts nlayers Voyence Infra FastScale Availability / Legato Kashya Avamar Indigo Illuminator WysDM Bus Tech Archiving Stone Data Domain GreenPlum Cloud Infrastructure Pi and Services Source Labs Isilon Mozy Consumer / Small Business Dantz Iomega © Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 14
  15. 15. … to Create Greater Value for Our Customers. Virtualize information infrastructure Build the “cloud” Store more efficiently Leverage content for competitive advantage Next generation backup and archive Make protection effective and affordable Secure critical assets Automate data center operations Accelerate business value for applications © Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 15 15
  16. 16. EMC’s Information Infrastructure Strategy Information Security Management Cloud Infrastructure Services The ONE EMC Portfolio Information Security of Products, Solutions, and Data Mobility Data Warehousing Resource Online Archiving Virtual Management Services and Content Management Business Intelligence Infrastructure Availability & Protection Tiered Storage Professional Services © Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 16
  17. 17. A New World Of Mission Critical Applications Big Data is Driving The Need For New Storage Architectures Data Analytics Traditional Requirements Emerging Big Data Requirements High End Enterprise Mid Range Security Scale-Out Distributed Mgmt Primary Federation Storage SMB Backup Data center and remote backup for physical and virtual infrastructure, with common, central, consolidated management Archive © Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 17
  18. 18. Virtualizing Your Information Infrastructure Challenge: virtualization at scale • Achieving an infrastructure that‟s right for Providing the Infrastructure for Next virtualization Generation Cloud Computing • Re-engineering IT processes to exploit virtualization Infrastructure Business Desktop Software Optimization Continuity Management Lifecycle • Managing physical and virtual environments end to end • Obtaining the skills required to successfully deploy Result: “Virtual Data Center ” • Enabler for on-demand asset deployment and utilization- Cloud Computing Storage Security Continuity Backup Management • Improved costs, flexibility and responsiveness • IT processes re-engineered around virtualization • Accelerated adoption of virtualization throughout its lifecycle © Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 18
  19. 19. Building the Private Cloud Challenge: Efficiency at scale • Reduce Cost of IT • Gain new levels of efficiency Trusted Dynamic • Dynamic, On-demand provisioning of IT Control Efficient • Retain Control and Security Reliable Hybrid On-demand Cloud Result: “Private Cloud” Secure Flexible • Build cloud-based data centers Federation • Deliver IT as a Service • Bring the benefits Internal and Virtualization Private Public External Clouds to bear Information Cloud Cloud • Improve competitiveness/sales “Top Line” and income/margins Security Internal External “Bottom Line” Cloud Cloud © Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 19
  20. 20. Storing Information Efficiently Challenge: efficient operation and service PRIMARY STORAGE, ARCHIVE delivery STORAGE, BACKUP STORAGE • 60% information growth annually • Environmental limits – power, cooling, floor space • Protecting and securing growing volumes VNX VPLEX Isilon Result: storing the right information, at the Green Plum right service level, at the right cost • Lower TCO and improved energy efficiency • Improved risk management EMC Atmos • Simplified management Centera Connectrix EMC Disk Library Symmetrix © Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 20
  21. 21. Next Generation Backup and Archive Challenge: achieving control, compliance, CLASSIFICATION AND ASSESSMENT cost, and confidence TOOLS TO ACHIEVE THE KNOWLEDGE • Information protection and retention is costly TO ACT • Potential exposure to litigation and mandates • Point solutions lack consistency, no end-to- end strategy High Capacity Result: a reliable and efficient process Disk Active Archive • Improve and extend protection while lowering costs • Expedite e-discovery and attain compliance • End-to-end solutions from virtual servers to remote offices Data De-duplication Security • Accelerated build-out of VMware SaaS An alternative to realize the value of EMC © Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 21
  22. 22. Making Protection Effective and Affordable Challenge: achieving APPLICATION, OPERATING control, compliance, cost, and confidence ENVIRONMENT, AND • Increased availability requirements – e- INFRASTRUCTURE INTEGRATION mail, web, ERP, VMware • Eroding availability levels caused by Continuous information and complexity explosion Operations Remote • Awareness gap – business less aware of risk Continuous Restart Data than IT Information Protection Protection Backup Result: the right protection for the right information • Effective protection optimizing costs • Related applications and processes Data De-duplication, Consistency Groups recovered consistently • Recovery strategies aligned with business requirements © Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 22
  23. 23. Leveraging Content for Competitive Advantage Challenge: effective use of enterprise UNIFIED CONTENT MANAGEMENT content • Highest value information growing fastest Knowledge Transactional Interactive Compliance • Control cost of content environment – without Worker & Archiving increasing staff • Connecting people, information silos and business processes Result: realize the potential of information • Connect information to people and process UNIFIED CONTENT • Improve strategic use of information MANAGEMENT • Minimize security and compliance risks • Lower IT administration costs © Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 23
  24. 24. Securing Critical Assets Challenge: addressing the threat and PERIMETER–CENTRIC + disruption of information security INFORMATION–CENTRIC SECURITY • Threats increasing in scope and complexity • Secure access needed by employees, partners, customers • Increased regulatory demands to secure information assets Result: information risk management becomes a business enabler • Security controls aligned to risk and business drivers • Efficient regulatory compliance • Security „transparent‟ to the end-user © Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 24
  25. 25. Automating Data Center Operations Challenge: managing IT service delivery A NEW APPROACH TO IT • Change management accounts for 60+% RESOURCE MANAGEMENT of data center costs • 85% of outages caused by configuration Comply errors • Policy violations, configuration inconsistencies, etc. make it difficult or impossible to achieve compliance Automate Discover Analyze Change Result: “virtual IT” • Discover relationships and dependencies Model-based, not rules-based • Analyze problems and performance Extends across the management stove-pipes • Automate operational processes and tasks • Change and remediate configuration issues • Comply to IT/regulatory governance policies © Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 25
  26. 26. Comprehensive Services for Your Information Infrastructure INFORMATION SECURITY BusinessEdge Solutions Industry consulting and information management Content Management and Archiving Application Practice Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, VMware Infrastructure Consulting Storage Managed Services Global Education Services Accelerate time–to–value and reduce risk throughout the enter © Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 26
  27. 27. Summary: Bringing Our Investment Together … Tiered VMware Storage Availability/ Virtualization Protection … to Deliver Higher Value Cloud Information Resource Management Data Infrastructure Mobility Infrastructure Solutions Content Archiving Management RSA Information Security © Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 27
  28. 28. YOU CAN LEAD IT © Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 28
  29. 29. THANK YOU © Copyright 2011 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. 29

Hinweis der Redaktion

  • In the last 8 years, EMC spent a little over $3B per year on organic R&amp;D and acquisitions. This year alone, EMC spent over $2B on R&amp;D, and between $1-3B a year acquiring new strategic companies. This is a $24.5B investment over an 8 year period—and it’s accelerating.Last year EMC spent over $3B (almost $2B on R&amp;D), and over $3B on acquiring new technology companies. This year, the world expected EMC to earn $19.6B in revenue; EMC is expected to spend over $2B on R&amp;D, and have $4B in free cash flow (used primarily for M&amp;A).EMC is accelerating our investments so that we can better serve our customers and partners.
  • What does this investment look like? You can see how EMC’s strategies and acquisitions have changed over the past few years, beginning with Enterprise Storage in 2003, up through Information Lifecycle Management, Information &amp; Virtual Infrastructure, to Journey to the Cloud, and Cloud Meets Big Data.EMC’s cumulative 8 year technology investment includes $10.5B in R&amp;D and $14B in M&amp;A.
  • We’ve dedicated ourselves to the mission of helping customersBELOW ARE NOTES ONLY, NOT FOR MONITOR:EMC has dedicated ourselves to a mission of helping customers on a journey to cloud computing during a time of tremendous opportunity—a time of transforming IT.----------------------------------… That’s what we mean by “transforming IT.” It’s not just about transforming the infrastructure. It’s about transforming the role IT and IT managers perform in the enterprise: less devoted to break/fix, repair and maintenance, and more time and dollars invested in discovering new value for the business, being more innovative and less reactive.We’re on this journey to the cloud with our customers. Last year we spoke in depth around private cloud. This year our point of view has broadened in terms of what cloud means, as well as our move up the stack in applications, middleware, and repositioning our existing assets to be leaders in bringing our collective view of the hybrid cloud to our products and our customers.We’re also perfectly positioned at the intersection of cloud with enterprise data, our core legacy business -- and big data -- a huge, new, emerging core business for our future. And we’re smack in the middle of those worlds. EMC has dedicated ourselves to a mission of helping customers on a journey to cloud computing during a time of tremendous opportunity—a time of transforming IT.
  • Larry: Describe GTM Model and how you leverage partners?John: Describe GTM Model and how you leverage partners?Role partners play when there are multiple EMC technologies? Such as Isilon, BRS, etc. What role can partners play in pulling those pieces together?To both: What do you want from our channel partners? What does the dream partner look like?(Iven comments that reps sometimes are afraid to give control over to the “totally competent” partner)What do you expect from partners – training, lead gen, sales campaigns, etc.John: Some partners believe that our reps are too involved in their sales cycles and are too involved in pricing discussions. Do you agree? If so, is it because our reps are control freaks or our partners are not fully competent? Or both?Larry: Many of our large partners focus on the same enterprise accounts we do. How do you manage that? Do we have solid Rules of Engagement our reps will live by when a partner brings an incremental opportunity in an ent account?Larry and John: Partners are terrified of our reps taking deals direct after they’ve invested a great deal of time and effort in a sales campaign. At the 11th hour, reps will say that “the customer asked to buy direct”, and offer a referral fee. How can partners – and our reps – minimize the possibility of this happening?Larry and John: I talked about trust at the beginning of the program, and this goes to that point. Many partners I talk to love NetApp and tolerate EMC, even while doing a lot of business with us. How do we create a “passionate” channel that loves to work with us? How can we increase the level of trust between our sales org and our partners’?Larry: Why did you champion the VNXe as channel only, even in the enterprise?Final thoughts by Larry, John, Iven
  • We are continuing our investments in the region:Last year we had 7 offices.. This year we have 12 office .. This is almost double of last year.We continue to invest in the COE in Egypt without any interruption to the hiring for it in Egypt .. As a matter of fact we hired 50 new engineers since the beginning of the year
  • Here’s the segments we serve (we’ll show product names on the next slide):(Slide builds)On the left, customers have their enterprise apps, traditional apps like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, as well as new apps like Spring, Ruby on Rails, and DocumentumxCP. And underneath that, in the storage layer, you have enterprise storage for high end, midrange and SMB requirements.On the right are the emerging Big Data applications for the 90% of the digital universe that is unstructured data. A lot of this consumer generated unstructured data does not fit in a traditional, relational database model. Underneath this, you have scale-out NAS and distributed primary storage.Then, below that, we have the backup and archive layer.Then, software for security, information management, and federation of data centers.Then, in the middle, we have data analytics to help customers extract value from their vast quantities of information that they’ve stored, whether structured data in traditional enterprise apps, or unstructured data.
  • Fundamentally, we see the opportunity for EMC, working with our partners, our customers, and our long-time friends to change IT. We can make IT roles more powerful, and more significant as we bring about radical transformation of both IT and business. Finally, we’ve taken just a brief look into the future and some of the things that are coming down the pipeline that will continue to drive the radical changes described earlier within the keynote: lasting change driven from radical transforming technologies. Thank you very much.
  • Enjoy the sessions and your stay.