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  1. 1. ADEROHUNMU EMMANUEL ABIODUN Email: abiodunaderohunmu@yahoo.com Phone Number: 08060248251/08054988179 Address: 9, Saviour Street Glory Land Estate Orheptal Bus stop Isheri Idimu Lagos State Gender: Male LinkedIn: https://ng.linkedin.com/pub/aderohunmu-abiodun/71/983/a PERSONAL PROFILE___________________________________________________________________ Strong and versatile having my eyes always on the goal with over 8 years working experience raging from policy formulation, strategy, management, administration and operations with competence in customer relationship management. A seasoned speaker,businessdevelopmentexecutive,strategist,Business situation&financialanalyst and a prolific writer. I provide beyond work Place solutions to increase my team's efficiency. I am a team leader and player with astute knowledge on corporate relevance. I have being able to create leadership guide and business direction while exploring new grounds and possibilities. CRITICAL SKILL SET____________________________________________________________________ •Branding and Concept development •Facilitation and Logistics •Professional speech writing •Fluent in verbal and written English •Aiming Strategist •Higher communicative techniques •Multi-tasking •Corporate presentation and negotiations •Proficiency in MS word, MS excel, MS power point and Outlook •Researching WORK EXPERIENCES__________________________________________________________________ BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT EXECUTIVE, CORPORATE BUSINESS SITUATION & FINANCIAL ANALYST, CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT. {EMPIRE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS LTD} Empire Business Solutions Limited is an e-commerce and consulting firm with presence across all the banks in Nigeria and is the solution provider for the e-payment platformin NNPC. •Improve client system relationship and retention •Increase client base and drive solutions •Sales, Post sales management and closure team •Service Level Agreement Execution •Funds collection, invoicing, Withholding tax and Advance payment guarantee •Policy formation for client relationship •Document review, preparation and presentation involving novel ideas •Project team for business
  2. 2. •Foreign Partners Management •Product research and implementation methodology •Proposal, RFP, JCC, Approach document, commercials, Negotiations, Product document and RFP •Product Market Strategy Formulation (Generalist) •Development and profiling of post-sales management frame work and policy across the department. •Product sales engineering and delivery •Team management •Business Build Bridge •Business Situation and Financial analysis •Central Bank of Nigeria Application registration PERSONEL ASSISTANT/ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGEMENT {UNION BANK NIGERIA PLC} •Administration, coordination of daily activities and liaising with staffs •Review organizational operations with recommendations where necessary •Technical assistance and scheduling •Initiates procurement processes and funding and raising Local Purchasing order •Conduct research, assemble and analyze data to prepare report and documents •Provides end user’s services and administration to 8 departments •Act as support personnel for project Lead, execution and implementation CHIEF OPERATING OFFICER/ STRATEGY, BUSINESSAND OPERATIONSMANAGER {WHORL’S COMMUNICATIONS} Whorls communication is a verbal and written communication outfit with a net worth of clients of which the Model United Nations is a part. •Developing strategic initiatives to increase company’s relevance •Public imaging and customer’s endorsement •Building high capacity techniques to increase employee’s efficiency •Net worth, networking and proficiency •Ensuring time base delivery of project and maximum productivity •Review of operation mechanism and procedure QUALITY CONTROL ANALYST/QUALITY ASSURANCE/SAFETY PERSONEL {DRUGFIELD PHARMACEUTICALS} •Product quality, sheer stress and Standard check •In process analysis and proficiency exertion •Assay and re- assay •Stocking, sampling and storage •Product Validity and Shelve life
  3. 3. •Line check and devising new techniques for analysis •Weight effectiveness and measure LECTURING {TOWER POLYTHECNIC} Lecturing, Researching and developing techniques for student efficiency EDUCATION AND QUALIFICATION_____________________________________________________ Post Graduate Diploma(2013) Institute of Customer Relations and Management, Nigeria B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry (2007-2011) Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago Iwoye Ogun, Nigeria Navy Town Secondary School (1997 -2003) West Africa secondarySchool Leaving Certificate Central Primary School 1991-1997 First school Leaving Certificate PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS______________________________________________________ Associate Member Onshore and Offshore Oil and Gas Professionals Associate Instituteof Customers Relations Management Associate Instituteof Strategic Management, Nigeria Supervisor CertificateHealth Safety and Environment. Officer Certificate Health Safety and Environment Diploma in Leadership, Daystar Leadership Academy TRAININGS__________________________________________________________________________ Developing Core Competencefor high Net Worth Team Leading and Corporate Communications Networking Human Resources Maximizing Organizational Relationships HOBBIES_____________________________________________________________________________ Intellectual discussions, reading and football