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Bamilo eCommerce Logistics by Michael Tosin Adesanwo

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Bamilo is an on-demand delivery service, revolutionising the way in which companies and consumers connect to local retailers and restaurants. Whatever you need, from food and drink to useful items and gifts, simply place your order via any of our channel, Bamilo will collect and deliver it to your door.

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Bamilo eCommerce Logistics by Michael Tosin Adesanwo

  1. 1. Speed Credible Convenient PITCH DECK By: Michael T. Adesanwo
  2. 2. Who we are Speed/Credible/Convenient We are an online with offline platform for logistic services that can deliver anything, anywhere, anytime within the shortest possible time.
  3. 3. Speed/Credible/Convenient What’s the Problem? Nigeria has an enormous number of consumers and in recent years has seen an increase in the number of chain stores such as Shoprite, Spar, Jumia, JustRite, Addide, Megaplaza, Park’n’Shop etc. However despite the increase in both Nigerian's propensity to spend and the number of stores to buy from, there is yet to be a widely and effective on-time delivery services. Lagos Heavy Traffic CHALLENGE TIME HEALTH ENVIRONMENT 40% of getting our needs on-time around Lagos is unrealiable Pickup & Delivery time. Long Queue at the mall, this problem is further compounded by the fact that to pay for what they want at the right time. In Lagos sometimes makes it extremely inconvenient for customers to go to their preferred store. Also high rate of Noise pollution generated by the number of cars that is on the road for shopping. Air Pollution Waiting Queue
  4. 4. Our Solution We will create an online with offline platform for easy access, speed, convenient to use and quality assurance with flexible of payment modes. Shopping and Delivery services involve intensive logistics and as a result not so many businesses in Nigeria specialize in it, so we have developed an effective model to handle this challenge. Also we will reduce Carbon dioxide generated by on the road enroute many cars being to the market. WHAT SPECIAL ABOUT OUR SOLUTION? ACCESS QUALITY ASSURANCE MODE OF PAYMENT SPEED Most orders will be place through any of our channels which will be available from Website, smart phones and phone call as well as SMS, unlike most other delivery services in Nigeria, which orders can not be made via phone calls. This reduces the cost to the customer since all the channels are fast and it improves service quality because we will not have any mistakes with the orders from customer. We plan to work within some location in Lagos State as well only from few reputable shops starting within the categorise zone by BAMILO. This provides our customers with a Quality assurance promise since they would also know that we only buy from the most reputable stores close to them. To ensure speedy delivery, goods will be transported via deliverymen on motorcycles that can easily navigate through traffic. We will ensure we have a supplier within every 10km radius, thus we estimate that every deliveries will have an average life time of one hour i.e. the time from when a consumer's order is confirmed till the time of delivery. We will provide multiple payment options including a “pay cash on delivery-model that will allow people pay when they receive the product. Speed/Credible/Convenient
  5. 5. The Market On-demand delivery is becoming increasingly important and addressable market which smaller retailers now appreciate the need of quick response, and as businesses turn to digital technology. The value of the Nigeria ecommerce services offered by big players have heightened customer expectations, this now demonstrating the incredible opportunities in this space. 2018 Still in Lagos Some Location We start our operation few bikes within some selected area around Lagos. Launch of the Apps. 2019 Cover Lagos Thinking of expansion out-side Lagos and getting more bikes with fleets partners. 2019 Connecting Development 2020 Expand Cover Nigeria Our Target & Locations Gross Profit Growth Strategy 2020 Our Fleet Size increase and our number deliveries within this year across the cities all over Nigeria. Within Two Years Speed/Credible/Convenient STAGE 1 STAGE 2 STAGE 3 STAGE 4 STAGE 5 C2C Marketplaces prospection and agreements Internationalization Continuous brand awareness and credibility platform development.
  6. 6. Demo DEMO VIDEO Attached Speed/Credible/Convenient
  7. 7. Speed/Credible/Convenient Business Model Consumer downloads our mobile app for free. Consumer place order via the mobile app and indicate their preferable stores. BAMILO team will receives the order and calls the customer for confirmation. BAMILO agent will do the shopping as well deliver to the consumer's address. The product is delivered & the paid for on receipt while some items will be 50% up-front paid. Dedicated Network of Motorbikes. Advertisements featured on the platform. Reasonable Charges with Flexible mode of Payments. Bamilo operate at the cutting- edge of e-commerce innovation; win the battle for customers by offering fast last mile deliveries with Enterprise-grade logistics solutions. Bamilo will offer both services to all partners, retailers who do not have their own website, we will create a customers access through our platform. And Revenues are earned upon any completion of services or delivery and fulfillment.
  8. 8. Competitors Competitive Advantages Supermart NG | Max GO | Deliverybros | Deliveryman Multiple Channels Web & Mobile Platform Web Platform Web Platform Yes Yes No No Open Reverse Auction Web Platform No Fixed Reverse Auction Fixed Price per Mile Fixed Price per Mile Fixed Price per Mile B2B - B2C & Packaging Food and Small Shopping Items B2C and Transports B2C including Packaging B2C Speed/Credible/Convenient 50Mins ETA to Pickup 1-Hours Express Delivery Reviews & Feedbacks 24 Hours COD Remittance Premium handling +GIT Insurance BAMILO! Max GO Deliverybros DeliverymanSupermart NG Distribution Channel Real time Tracking Pricing System Focus Market Render Promotion for Partners (Online Marketing)
  9. 9. Marketing Plan Social Media Traditional Media Word of Mouth Partnerships Delivery Tech Speed/Credible/Convenient Marketing we have been acquiring customers on via the following channels
  10. 10. The Team Lead Marketer and oversees fleet management. Co-CEO/Tech Architect IT Business Development Human Resources, Tech and Marketing Legal Consultant Michael Tosin Adesanwo Omotayo Adewale Alex Allen Babajide Oluwase Barrister Gbemisola Adenuga (Esq) Speed/Credible/Convenient The group has over 20 years Cumulative Experience
  11. 11. What do we Need? We are seeking for $35,000 to buy and develop some necessary things; starting with 15 motorbikes and kits, tracker, Insurance, mini POS, develop iOS and Android version of our application with responsive website, hire professional marketers, IT personnel, riders and shoppers. Use of $35,000 for a Year. Development Marketing Salaries Rent Operation How you can Help! Funds Provide us Tech, Marketing tools and Get us bikes or an Office. Mentors Partners Speed/Credible/Convenient