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Attenuation in fiber

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Attenuation is
the reduction of signal strength or light power over the length of
the light-carrying medium. As the light signal travels down the fiber,
it losses power or attenuates.

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Attenuation in fiber

  1. 1. ATTENUATION IN FIBER .Attenuation means loss of light energy as the light pulse travels from one end of the cable to the other. It is also called as signal loss or fiber loss. It also decides the number of repeaters required between transmitter and receiver. Attenuation is directly proportional to the length of the cable.
  2. 2. These are used in optical systems where the optical power from a source is too high for the equipment in use. A fiber optic attenuator reduces the power of an optical signal travelling through the attenuator without distorting the waveform Optical Fiber Attenuators
  3. 3. ATTENUATION APPLICATION (1) To reduce optical power at the optical receiver for improved performance or to stay within the dynamic range of the optical receiver.
  4. 4. ATTENUATION APPLICATION (2) To reduce optical power after the optical transmitter to stay within the dynamic range of optical components in the fiber optic link or to prevent damage from the high power optical signals
  5. 5. ATTENUATION APPLICATION (3) To regulate fluctuating optical power levels in optical networks
  6. 6. ATTENUATION APPLICATION (4) To regulate the output power of erbium doped fiber amplifier
  7. 7. Categories and sub-categories of fiber optic attenuator . FIXED VS. VARIABLE : only one attenuation value is possible for fixed attenuators while the attenuation value of variable attenuators can be adjusted
  8. 8. Manually Variable vs. Automatically Variable Manually Variable Attenuators are adjusted by hand while Automatically variable attenuators are adjusted by an electric signals.
  9. 9. FIBER OPTIC TRAINING IN LAGOS NIGERIA www.imtfiber.com www.imtcomputer.net info@imtcomputer.net