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Company Overview for ICT-15 Big Data Info & Networking Day

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Brief company overview and expertise introduction for ICT-15 Big Data Value PPP Lighthouse Projects Information and Networking day in Brussels.

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Company Overview for ICT-15 Big Data Info & Networking Day

  1. 1. www.adaptant.io Adaptant Solutions AG Paul Mundt paul.mundt@adaptant.io Founder & Managing Director Adaptant Solutions AG Overview for ICT-15 Big Data Value PPP Lighthouse Projects
  2. 2. Company facts and Activities  Newly established SME (start-up) focused on adaptable data stewardship/management in cross- vertical applications, building the technologies to both federate and “open up” data lakes.  Based in Munich, Germany.  Founded by former Huawei CTO, OS & Virtualization.  Previous experience in: • ICT-07-2014: MIKELANGELO (Microkernel Virtualization for High Performance Cloud and HPC Systems – HPC Cloud + Big data) • ICT-04-2015: M2DC (Modular Microserver DataCenter) • Various other proposals focused on heterogeneous computing and future datacenter architecture (across various ICT & FETHPC calls).  Previous contributions to BDVA and ETP4HPC SR(I)As, in the areas of HPC + Cloud + Big data usage models, architecture, and management.  Available for: • Advanced Cloud and data platform R&D projects, especially ones with data protection/management and compliance concerns (whether IAs, RIAs, or CSAs). • Industry standardization activities • Exploitation activities, both in terms of technology transfer/re-use as well as commercial go-to-market. • IP management and co-ordination.  Main areas of interest and expertise: • Data usage control for the future internet, Cloud, and Big data domains. • Data & I/O Virtualization technologies • Integrated data life cycle management and governance across VM/Container/Bare metal models, including hybrid deployment scenarios. • Data lifecycle management and governance across microservices. • Technological means to establish differentiated data value chains across industry applications and sectors. • Augmentation of industry-specific private (or confidential) data with deregulated open data as a means to increase value (e.g. through virtual or logical data lakes, enterprise data virtualization, …). • Exploration of new Vs in Big data analytics: • Volatility – Dynamic data (e.g. sensor networks & IoT) • Viability – Data able to be used in given operational context (e.g. regulatory/compliance restrictions stemming from lineage, geographic locale, or intended use).
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