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William the conqueror

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William the conqueror

  1. 1. Don’t click Charlie
  2. 2. In Normandy, France, lived a duke called William the "bastard" 1065
  3. 3. In England a childless King called Edward "the confessor" died
  4. 4. Harold, the dead king’s brother-in-law, took possession of the throne
  5. 5. But formerly Edward had promised William, the Duke of Normandy, that he would be his successor... So William wanted to be King of England
  6. 6. This is the earliest comic strip in the world: the " Bayeux Tapestry ": Queen Matilda, William’s wife, tells us Harold’s story
  7. 7. Harold, the new king, enjoyed his job very much !
  8. 8. William determined to throw him off the trone ! His plan was to attack England from the SOUTH and the SAME DAY, his friend the King of Norway, richly rewarded, would attack from the NORTH Harold ??? William King of Norway
  9. 9. During that winter William ordered a great many ships to be built to invade England...Hundred of trees were cut down...
  10. 10. On D day the King of Norway was alone when he attacked Harold near York because in the south there was no wind at all! The Duke’s sailing boats couldn’t move ! ? 1066 William
  11. 11. Harold and his army, defeated the King of Norway who returned home ! Norway Harold ? William
  12. 12. Slowly the wind began blowing...so William could attack England from the south...but there was no-one to fight against ? Nobody knew William was waiting in Hastings !
  13. 13. Harold was very tired. It was bad news when he was told that the Duke of Normandy awaited him in Hastings Harold Hastings William
  14. 14. Harold had to fight but he couldn’t because his army was exhausted ! So he decided to build a sort of wooden castle near Hastings to protect himself. William didn’t know what to do. Harold ? William
  15. 15. Harold woods woods ??? William
  16. 16. Harold William hidden archers Hidden archers At night, he ordered his archers to hide in the woods
  17. 17. Harold William hidden archers hidden archers William’s archers didn’t move and a strange battle started...
  18. 18. Harold ??? William hidden archers hidden archers William’s archers didn’t move ! William pretended to run away from the battle like a coward
  19. 19. Harold didn’t see the trap: he ran out to kill the enemies Harold William hidden archers hidden archers Still William’s archers didn’t move !
  20. 20. Harold William hidden archers hidden archers Suddenly William’s archers sprang out ! William’s soldiers turned around : Harold was trapped
  21. 21. A rough and bloody battle !
  22. 22. Harold was killed, William, duke of Normandy became the Great King of England From this day on he was called "William the Conqueror" © Charlie
  23. 23. He ordered the building of the Tower of London -the White Tower- from where he ruled a brand new England composed of many shires controlled by sheriffs...He decided the French Language would be the official language of England ! A strange story to be told !
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