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Applying Filmmaking Tools and Techniques to Interaction Design

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Note: You may be interested in the updated version of this talk, given at WebVisions Portland 2013: http://www.slideshare.net/adamconnor/designers-learnfromfilmmaking2

Slides from my talk at Interaction 11 in Boulder, CO.

Film examples for right-to-left motion on slide 17 are from Road to Perdition.

Film examples for Rack Focus on slide 21 are from The Graduate and Spider-Man.

As soon as video of the talk is posted, I'll add a link.

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Applying Filmmaking Tools and Techniques to Interaction Design

  1. Applying Filmmaking Tools andTechniques to Interaction Design
  2. Why film?
  3. OrchestrationHow do you coordinate something with so many moving parts to achieve desired effect?
  4. Orchestration Actors Dialogue Scenery Sound Action
  5. The Filmmaking ProcessScreenplay & Script > Storyboards & Design > Raw Footage > Final Edited Film
  6. Beat Sheets
  7. Beat SheetsScene-by-Scene Outline• Plot Points• Actions• Effect on the Audience
  8. Beat SheetsUse in interaction design?
  9. The Software Design Process Task Flows > Sketches / Wireframes >Prototype & Visual Designs > Final Developed Product
  10. How do we keep emotion in theforefront of the design process?
  11. To Be ReplacedBeat SheetsAnnotated Task Flows• Emotional state of the user• Emotional goals of the system
  12. Communication
  13. Mise en ScèneSet Design Lighting Staging Acting Costume
  14. MotionHow does motion communicate?
  15. MotionEarly filmmakers didn’t have sound, dialogue or color Speech/title cards were used as little as possible
  16. MotionThe bad guy enters on the right.
  17. Motion: DiagonalsTop to Bottom: Inevitability, Anticipation Bottom to Top: Struggle
  18. The CameraControl of the camera means control of the eye.
  19. Rack Focus Little to no camera movement No complex actionsCamera shifts focus from one element to another
  20. Rack FocusUse in interaction design?
  21. Where else can this go?
  22. ThanksGet in touch:madpow.net Give feedback and rate thisadam@madpow.net talk on SpeakerRate:@adamconnor http://spkr8.com/t/5401