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The Best Dog-Friendly Places In NYC

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Most pet owners can relate to this: you’re headed out to the beach or your friend’s summer BBQ–and you desperately want to bring your dog along.

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The Best Dog-Friendly Places In NYC

  2. 2. New York City has plenty of dog-friendly spots (if you know where to look). Looking to spend time with your pup in the park or for a dog-friendly brunch spot? I’ve got some recommendations. Here are my favorite dog-friendly places to visit in New York City. Let’s face it: life is better with your dog by your side.
  3. 3. There are 23 dog-friendly areas throughout Central Park and most of the park’s open green space can be enjoyed off-leash before 9AM and after 9PM. 1. CENTRAL PARK
  4. 4. This dog run is interesting because of the man-made cement formations and large boulders that dogs can run on and between. It’s not a huge dog run, but it’s big enough not to be too crowded and to have some space for dogs to run. 2.CHELSEA WATERSIDE PARK
  5. 5. Well-behaved, leashed pets are welcome inside Mission Dolores in Park Slope, so bring your dog along with you. At this Brooklyn establishment, it’s not uncommon to see a pup perched with his human at the counter.  3. MISSION DOLORES
  6. 6. This iconic Riverside Park cafe is a scenic place to grab a bite with your dog. 4. BOAT BASIN CAFE
  7. 7. If you’re visiting NYC, the Ludlow Hotel on the Lower East Side offers great amenities for smaller dogs (up to 25 lbs.), including a front desk fully- stocked with dog biscuits, in-room pet food bowls, and onsite dog walking services. 5. LUDLOW HOTEL
  8. 8. Bark in the Park- each summer, the Brooklyn Cyclones invite fans to bring their dogs to the annual Bark in the Park baseball game at MCU Park in Coney Island. BarkFest-  BarkFest is Bark & Co’s annual outdoor doggy extravaganza in New York City. NY Mets Dog Day(s)- Baseball fans can bring their canine companion to the ballpark and support the largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization in the world. Annual Human/Dog Events in NYC: