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101 Things You Can do to Stay Unhappy in Life

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Trying to attain happiness without eliminating the factors causing you to be unhappy, will ultimately lead to disappointment. Here are 101 things you're probably doing without even knowing that's keeping you from true happiness.

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101 Things You Can do to Stay Unhappy in Life

  1. 1. 101 Simple Things You Can do to Stay Unhappy in Life www.DreamAboutLife.com
  2. 2. My guess is, a lot of you reading thisright now spend a good amount oftime chasing “things” in life whichmight make you a little bit happier.
  3. 3. The problem with this approach is,you’ve probably never evenconsidered all the little things you’redoing right now that could be makingyou unhappy.
  4. 4. As long as you continue to doing thethings I’m going to tell you, you’regoing to find it very hard to behappy. As least in the long term.
  5. 5. This list will help you figure out thesmall things you might be doingwithout even knowing, that’sjeopardizing your shot at happiness.
  6. 6. I highly recommend you read it andthen do the exact opposite.
  7. 7. If You Want to Stay Unhappy Forever: #1Listen and believe everything peoplesay about you.
  8. 8. #2 Get involved in other peoples drama.
  9. 9. #3Avoid trying new things, especially thethings youve always wanted to do.
  10. 10. #4Generalize everything and everyone around you.
  11. 11. #5Want everything, especially the things youcant have.
  12. 12. #6Engage in self-defeating self-talk.
  13. 13. #7Try to do things that please everyone exceptyourself.
  14. 14. 101 Simple Things You Can do to Stay Unhappy in LifeClick Here to read the rest.http://www.dreamaboutlife.com/remain-unhappy-in-life/