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Mobile Apps For Business

  1. Over 300 Million iPhones have been activated iPhone owns 29% of the U.S. smartphone market Over 500 Million Android phones have been activated Android owns 47% of the U.S. smartphone market The Smart Phone Revolution
  2. Mobile Applications In just over 3 years, over 20 Billion apps have been downloaded between iPhone and Android devices.
  3. A Mobile Application is a software program that runs on mobile Smart phones and assists the user in some way What is a Mobile App?
  4. Due to the low processing power of mobile devices when compared to PCs, apps are created to be completely compatible with mobile phones.
  5. The first mobile app was created by apple for their iPhone users but in no time, software developers have ventured into all types of smartphones; making apps easily accessible to the whole mobile world
  6. Mobile apps assist mobile phone users by making tasks easier, enabling interaction and, if suitable, can even put some fun into the use of smartphones.
  7. Some mobile apps are pre- installed on smartphones, such as compasses, calculators, cale ndars, clocks, and many others
  8. The early applications have been centered mainly around games and tools. Since the first application, the world of mobile apps has evolved extremely fast to what we have available today…..
  9. While most mobile apps are made purely for fun purposes, apps are quickly becoming far more business and marketing oriented MOBILE MARKETING MACHINES !
  10. The Mobile/Internet Connection Is Complete
  11. The main reason for a business to have an app is to give their customers a quick, easy and valuable way to interact with them and make them happy! From Angry Birds To Happy Customers
  12. A mobile app allows any organisation to be right in the pocket of their consumer available at their fingertips, With a simple click, they can get what they want.
  13. People like being connected and if a business can provide that much-needed connection, they will be rewarded with loyalty from their customers
  14. When customers realize that they can easily find what they want without having to go through countless hoops on their mobile phone, that business or organisation will always be on their phone
  15. When an app provides a lot of interesting content, is easy to use and has value, customers will share the app with others, which will help increase the exposure and sales even further
  16. By including a promotion on the app download, statistics show that a high percentage of people who download their app will actually visit their physical store to take advantage of the discount or offer.
  17. Once the app is installed, an organisation is able to send their customers valuable, engaging information on a regular basis. ‘Quality’ Over ‘Quantity’
  18. Mobile applications allow regular communication directly with the customer to offer them something special
  19. Mobile applications can provide numerous native features unique to smartphones such as GPS Directions, Direct Calling, Loyalty programs …..
  20. The Consequences of a business Not Having a Mobile App Marketing Strategy ….. The World Is Going Mobile
  21. Mobile consumers today want everything to be fast and easy. If it isn’t, a business has a potential profit leak
  22. A Mobile app creates an instant connection between businesses and their customers… So not having one could have a negative impact on a business much quicker than you might think….
  23. Let’s Recap Those Statistics… 95% Of mobile users will search for local businesses using their devices 40% Of mobile users will move to a competitor website if they have a slight problem accessing a website on their phone 61% Of these will call the business they find
  24. The ultimate price a business will pay for not implementing a Mobile Strategy is failing to reach more potential customers as well as losing their existing ones! So The Ultimate Price?
  25. If you would like more information about how a Mobile App Strategy can help boost your Business get.. ‘Mobile Profits 101’ for free