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Learn Around

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Revolutionize the learning ?

Learning is an active process, why would you have to do something.
Let’s change that ?

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Learn Around

  1. 1. Revolutionize the learning ? Learning is an active process, why would you have to do something. Let’s change that ?01
  2. 2. Why should you always have to look for the knowledge ? Make the knowledge come to you when you need it!02
  3. 3. Every one has a piece of knowledge, something to contribute, let’s share this !03
  4. 4. HOW ?! Contextualize the information using user location04
  5. 5. Teach next generation the story of a place An older man, how has lot to say and teach about his village. He would be able to share this knowledge with younger generation using the app.05
  6. 6. In 10 years maybe … Other people will be able to learn from him06
  7. 7. Teach botanics in a fun way A teacher would leave little notes to his students who can then walk around and see those, using geolocation07
  8. 8. And so much more, imagine … Imagine that ten days after, a young woman would go for a run with the app at the same place, she’d be able to access those knowledge and learn botanic just like that, because the information simply came to here.08
  9. 9. Our goal with Learn Around: bring knowledge to the user and let him share his knowledge with others like him09
  10. 10. Remove obstacles: KISS No login, simple installation, ready to use10
  11. 11. Filtering by interrest That application adapts to the user preferences, he can choose between a variety of filters and simply uncheck them if he is not interested into the topic11
  12. 12. The concept of « smart knowledges » The user installs the app and can get piece of knowledge we call « smart knowledge ». Those are directly pushed on his phone regarding to his geographic location12
  13. 13. Smart, for smartphone. Access images, texts but also voice recording : the oral tradition13
  14. 14. Smart, for clever Clever information that finds its way towars user when he would need it.14
  15. 15. Sharing the knowledge Everyone has something to teach, even little things, and as a matter of fact, the format of our app is particularly adapted for those little things. Using the share button, the user can start sharing those little things15
  16. 16. Short text, title and category In a mobility context, sharing quick and short information is crucial16
  17. 17. Knowledge does not only have to be academic! A description of a place, a photo might not have a great impact today, but maybe in 10 years, people will be able to use those photos and testimonies to learn from the past.17
  18. 18. People’s smart little knowledges is as important as academics learning, so together with Learn Around we want to help this knowledge find its way towards people.18
  19. 19. Keep on, learn and Share the love knowledge with20
  20. 20. We imagined an application where a user could keep track on what he already learnt, we also though of augmented reality Comming next …20
  21. 21. Contact info: 224 rue de Beggen Team members: L-1220 Luxembourg www.actimage.com To contact us: info@actimage.com To apply: cv@actimage.com20