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Strategic importance of hiring with recruitment & employment

  1. Strategic Importance of hiring with Recruitment & Employment Agency in Nigeria
  2. Employees are the backbone and assets of the Company. The success of a business relies on the true perseverance and adeptness of an employee. Therefore, hiring the right talent is the significant part of your company’s growth. Recruitment process outsourcing allows you to outsource the internal hiring process or activities in part or in whole to Recruitment & Employment Agency in Nigeria.
  3. An RPO provider will handle the complete recruitment process according to your values and business goals. With a more customized approach to sourcing, screening and employing qualified candidates, even senior level positions can be filled quickly and efficiently. • t
  4. How Does the Recruitment Outsourcing Firms in Nigeria Work? RPO is designed to integrate with your business, understand the company culture, and fine-tune your hiring process in order to deliver highly talented and quality candidates that will fit well within the company.
  5. Recruitment Process Outsourcing Process in Nigeria: Source— Employment Agency uses extensive databases, networking, social media, and existing applicant tracking systems to identify top candidates for each position. Screen—Rigorous screening, including background checks, reference checks and interviews to create a pool of applicants that will be a good fit both for the position and for the company. Recruit—Recruitment and employment firms specialize in recruiting both passive and active candidates to find the best talent for the job.
  6. What Strategic Benefits does RPO Firms bring to the Table? In a fiercely competitive recruiting environment where companies are desperate to hire skilled candidates for demanding positions. Employment Agency bridges the gap between traditional recruiting methods and current employment demands.
  7. If a company chooses the right RPO provider that is the correct fit for them, one that understands their philosophy, values and recruitment goals, then the benefits both long and short term, can be enormous. The strategic benefits associated with RPO are:  Stronger Quality of hiring  Time Saving  Scalable Model  Cost Reduction  Talent Pooling  Competitive Advantage
  8. Stronger Quality of Hiring This is the main advantage of an RPO provider. They invest their resources, time and energy into sourcing, selecting and presenting the cream of the crop in terms of available talent to the client Company. Referral activation is often an exclusive feature of RPO.
  9. Time Saving Time saving is another noteworthy benefit when you approach Recruitment & Employment Agencies. If a vacancy is not filled for the extended time, it may lead to a potential negative impact on the company’s overall performance. As such agencies have vast experience in challenging the time-to-hire deadlines; they assist you in hiring the best fit candidate in right time.
  10. Scalable Model RPO companies are flexible and can accommodate every situation. During peak & troughs of an organization, outsourcing firms can help you flex accordingly. If you expand and grow your business, you require more employees; if your business is downsizing, you have to implement new strategies to freeze the hiring needs. RPO providers have the right models and structures in place to adapt to any situation during these extreme contingencies.
  11. Cost Reduction One of the prime benefits of outsourcing the hiring process is its cost effectiveness. RPO saves companies money in the long run. They can scale up and scale down their recruitment process to match the fluctuating needs of the client. In other words, they help you in streamlining the recruiting process, avoid unnecessary hiring employees, when your business spikes with minimal costs.
  12. Talent Pooling When you outsource hiring services, you won’t have to deal with these challenges and consequences. The outsourcing companies will present the client with the best people for the job. All strong and qualified candidates are pooled and actively engaged with, building a community for future hiring.
  13. Competitive Advantage Skilled employees influence the Company’s ability to innovate effectively. The hiring process can help you find the best candidates who could be the keystones in the future success of your business. Outsourcing recruitment needs supports you to compete better with the leading companies by employing exemplary candidates.
  14. Innovation The right RPO provider will bring innovative technologies and techniques into your organization, so you do not have to sacrifice your efficiency to advance your competencies. Therefore, outsourcing the recruiting process may actually benefit your business while saving your precious time, resources and money.
  15. Excellent Compliance Regulations Recruitment firms are experts on labour laws, compliances and standards. Complete records are kept, mapping every single phase of the recruitment process. They are guaranteed to implement fully complaint, auditable processes and methods.
  16. The benefits of Recruitment Process Outsourcing is endless. Realigning the recruiting programs with a qualified third- party partner will have a positive impact on the company.
  17. RPO remains one of the fastest growing recruiting service models in Nigeria and other African countries. Companies looking to compete with major players in their industry need the industry expertise and far-reaching networks offered by an expert company with the ability to fine tune the recruitment process to fill needs for quality talent.
  18. Top Trends of 2017 Shaping Talent Strategy Here are the most talked-about trends:  Artificial Intelligence (AI) - AI is in its infancy, but we are already seeing few exciting applications in the talent acquisition and management part. Sentiment analysis, chatbots, and machine learning have begun to make over routine tasks like screening, performance management, and appraisal and employee engagement.  HR Technology Innovation- New talent acquisition tools or technology is popping up everywhere, from ambitious startups to big giants like Google and LinkedIn.
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