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Patient benefits of electronic health record

EHR Software is designed exclusively for Chiropractic. ACOM Health provides Chiropractic Billing software and EHR Software for clinics. We provide award winning software solutions, and our stability ensures we can do so long after you become a customer.

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Patient benefits of electronic health record

  1. 1. C3: Patient Benefits 0t Electronic Health Record Electronic Health Record is a complete software solution comprised of modules that supfort clinical operations and for executing front office tasks like billing, co lections and patient sche uling Faster registration In and check-in 59 % Ilosnital ‘ has at least a Basic EIIII svstem . Better customer service from staff due to reduced administrative workload Records can be easily shared with other providers Improved care and safety with _ _ _ _ enhanced information access and M°‘l'°3l l"9l°'V '3 P'°l°°l°d ‘”'"‘ reduced gaps in communication l’3°l‘"P °l°°"°"l° °°Pl°9 939l_lY heme”, provide“ restored In event of natural disaster EIIII auto_m_ates the entire documentation circle, trom admission and initial visit, to outcome assessments antl renonrng