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Get your mobile app in production in 3 months: Native and Reactive Mobile Apps

  1. Dominik Veselý, CTO How we leverage latest technologies for our Mobile app development
  2. This is our CEO with our Mascot Which has been stolen on SpaceShack opening party We take Unicorn rights seriously see
  3. What we already have Infrastructure to relay on Backend to communicate with Front-end
  4. What we use(d) for mobile success Native languages for development FRP principles CI with automatic builds Sketch graphics Merge Requests Experience
  5. Native languages
  6. Native languages Swift 3 for iOS Kotlin … before it was cool
  7. Native languages - type safety
  8. Native languages - support Documentation Libraries Stack Overflow
  9. Native languages - support Documentation Libraries Stack Overflow
  10. Why alternatives like RN or Xamarin aren’t there? Might look like a speed up but you might hit few roadblocks Missing functionality / features Locked with libraries Human resources limitation
  11. FRP Principles 2.5 years of experience in Ackee both iOS and Android now even on backends this part will be very brief … topic is very complex to be covered
  12. Imperative vs Functional programming for-loops mutable states “push” based
  13. Imperative vs Functional programming map, reduce, filter, flatMap If a pure function is called with the same arguments, the same result will be returned. Implicit parameter is time declarative, "Pull-based", eliminates side effects, avoids changing-state and mutable data
  14. FRP Streams
  15. FRP 2
  16. FRP Input ---> ---> Output
  17. Advantages Streamlined dataflow Same implementation across all platforms Reusable blocks Less bugs Faster for development Error handling
  18. Advantages - Error handling
  19. How we use it Reactive Extensions - available on github Network Data UI bindings Modern architectures (MVVM / MVP)
  20. Bindings
  21. Continuous Integration Time efficient Testers and clients get their builds without programmer For white-labeled app it’s must have Completely build on Fastlane Lint (static code analysis)
  22. Continuous Integration
  23. Sketch Designs Automated exports Generated (SVG) images Photoshop is dead (Adobe XD to come)
  24. Git workflow & MR Branches makes development easier Merge requests are very useful tool to learn from and how to find bugs
  25. Experience You need experienced developers to get things out fast and reliable Harsh but true
  26. Key outcomes Development is complex process, each part it makes difference Choose good technologies and team Applicable on each app not only our festival app