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Welcome from the Achap board chair, Karen Sichinga

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Welcome from the Achap board chair, Karen Sichinga

  1. 1. WELCOME from the ACHAP Board Chair Dear ACHAP Biennial Conference Attendee: On behalf of ACHAP, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the 7th Biennial Conference of ACHAP. We are happy that you have chosen Kenya for this event and we trust that you will feel comfortable and at home in Nairobi. This couldn’t have been a more exciting event for ACHAP, as we advance our vision of “Health and Healing for all in Africa’ to ensure that all people can access and utilize the health services they need without financial constraints. The role of faith based health services in contributing to universal health coverage in Africa is a very high calling and I hope this event provides you an opportunity to reflect, share experiences, learn from each other and build relationships and partnerships inspired by Christ’s ministry. May you find encouragement as you listen to speakers, participate in sessions and interact with other educators on various diverse topics under this conference. If you have an opportunity, I hope you will take the time to enjoy Nairobi and all that Kenya has to offer. Again, Karibu Sana! to the ACHAP 7th Biennial Conference conference. Warmest regards, Karen Sichinga ACHAP Board chair