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ACC Help - Cement plant chandrapur

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New Clinker Facility at Jamul - Commencement of Commercial Production

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ACC Help - Cement plant chandrapur

  1. 1. New Clinker Facility at Jamul - Commencement of Commercial Production April 05, 2017 ACC announced the commencement of Commercial Production from their new state-of- the-art 2.79 MTPA Clinker Facility at Jamul, located in Chhattisgarh State with effect from 19th July 2016. Two new Cement Grinding Facilities, one each at Jamul in Chhattisgarh State and Sindri in Jharkhand State, which form a part of this integrated project, were planned to be commissioned within Quarter 3, 2016. This facilitated the company in serving their expanding customer base in the fast-growing market in East India, offering premium quality products like ACC F2R (Foundation to Roof), ACC Plus and Hi-performance PSC cements for complete concreting solutions. This will be similar to the other cement plant of ACC Limited at Ghughus in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra. During its establishment, the Chandrapur plant has been planned and constructed as an environment-friendly cement plant and ACC Limited took the necessary steps to ensure the highest standards in environmental management. It was considered as a giant step in the development of Chandrapur, Maharashtra. The same result has been expected out of this new facility in Jamul, Chhattisgarh.