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From Playability to a Hierarchical Game Usability Model

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This paper presents a brief review of current game usability models. This leads to the conception of a high-level game usability framework model that integrates current usability approaches in game industry and game research.

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From Playability to a Hierarchical Game Usability Model

  1. 1.  Blekinge Institute of Technology  PhD Candidate  Digital Game Development Degree  EU FUGA (“Fun of Gaming”) project  Fun & player experience research  Biometrics consulting
  2. 2. 1. Related Work 2. A Game Usability Model 3. Take Home Message
  3. 3.  Playability from Järvinen et al. “a collection of criteria with which to evaluate a product’s gameplay or interaction”  Playability is 1. Functional 2. Structural 3. Audiovisual 4. Social
  4. 4.  Desurvire et al. 1. Game play 2. Game story 3. Game mechanics 4. Game usability  Korhonen et al. 1. Game usability 2. Mobility 3. Gameplay
  5. 5.  Development dimension 1. Constructs 2. Quality level 3. Analysis approach  Functional dimension  Concrete  Abstract
  6. 6.  Different game quality checks require different approaches  Game quality focuses around 1. Technology 2. Player experience 3. Community  Quality control should include all of these aspects
  7. 7. Desurvire, H., Caplan, M. and Toth, J. A. Using Heuristics to Evaluate the Playability of Games. In CHI '04 extended abstracts on Human factors in computing systems (Vienna, Austria). ACM, 2004, 1509-1512. DOI = 10.1145/985921.986102. Järvinen, A., Heliö, S. and Mäyrä, F. Communication and Community in Digital Entertainment Services. Prestudy Research Report, Hypermedia Laboratory, University of Tampere, Tampere, 2002. Retrieved on 2009-02-09 from http://tampub.uta.fi/tup/951-44-5432-4.pdf. Korhonen, H. and Koivisto, E. M. I. Playability Heuristics for Mobile Games. In Proceedings of the 8th conference on Human-computer interaction with mobile devices and services (Helsinki, Finland). ACM, 2006, 9-16. DOI = 10.1145/1152215.1152218.
  8. 8. Lennart.Nacke@bth.se gamescience.bth.se www.acagamic.com Connect at www.linkedin.com/in/nacke Blekinge Institute of Technology Box 214 SE-374 24 Karlshamn Sweden