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Heart cambridge media pack 13 q3

Please find Heart Cambridge latest Media Pack, please get in touch for more information on advertising

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Heart cambridge media pack 13 q3

  1. 1. Heart - Cambridge Media Pack
  2. 2. Heart 103 • The Heart Network is the largest and most popular commercial radio brand in the UK. Combined, the network’s 36 local stations reach more than 7.6 million people every week. Heart can be heard across Cambridgeshire on Heart 103. • With ‘More Music Variety’ Heart 103 plays the best mix of music with witty banter and celebrity guests. Programming is local at key times of the day - listeners start their day with Kev and Roz at Breakfast, while Chris Skinner delivers music, news and travel for their journey home. • Coupled with national programming and presenters such as Toby Anstis, Emma Bunton and Jason Donovan, Heart 103 offers listeners and advertisers, the best of both worlds - a powerful national brand with a truly local Heart.
  3. 3. Our listeners • Heart’s core audience are 25 - 44 adults. Heart listeners have a spark about them, despite juggling their various roles as wives, husbands, parents and professionals; they still make time for themselves and are determined to ‘squeeze the most out of life’. • Listeners connect with Heart because they feel it fulfils their needs throughout the day. Heart is programmed to emotionally connect with its listeners, playing the rights songs to get them up in the mornings, keep them going through the day and then helping them to unwind and relax in the evening.
  4. 4. More music variety for Cambridge Heart’s music is aimed at 25 -44 year olds, delivering ‘More music variety for Cambridge’ throughout the day. Heart plays the best songs from the past four decades alongside the top current songs. Current core artists on Heart are Take That, Madonna, Leona Lewis, George Michael and Beyonce.
  5. 5. Heart Breakfast with Kev and Roz 12 - 4 12 - 4 12 - 4 12 - 4 Chris Skinner Jay -Louise Knight Chris Skinner Jay -Louise Knight Heart Drivetime with Chris Skinner
  6. 6. Heart - Cambridge Audience Heart - Cambridge attracts 140,000 adults 15+ and 860,000 listening hours a week. 80% Heart listeners listen on average for 6.1 hours every week. 70% 60% Adults 15+ Adults 25 -44 Weekly Reach 140,000 63,000 Weekly Hours 860,000 387,000 Average Hours 6.1 6.2 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% Men Source: GRAA September 2013 Women 15-24 25-44 45-54 55+ ABC1 C2DE
  7. 7. Transmission Area
  8. 8. heart.co.uk • Heart.co.uk brings listeners closer to Heart. With a listen again service for the Heart breakfast content, regular blog from all the DJs, video interviews and exclusive competitions, our website keeps listeners interacting with us off air. • The website reflects the lifestyle element of Heart, featuring a Your Lifestyle section, providing plenty of content t keep our listeners entertained. The Lifestyle section includes Fashion and Beauty, Games, Travel, Heart Dating and Health and Fitness content.
  9. 9. Commercial Opportunities • • • • On air campaigns that cut through and deliver impact • • Award winning creative writers Tailor made competitions for your brand Sponsorship of local and network features Innovative interactive solutions from sponsorships to vodcasts, microsites to mobile apps Heart Angels to get your product out and about