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Engro fertilizers
Engro fertilizers
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  2. 2. The Board of Directors  Syed Naseem AhmedChairman  Parvez Ghias Vice President  Zaffar A. Khan former President Chief  Asif Qadir Senior Vice President
  3. 3. INTRODUTION TO THE ORGANIZATION  ENGRO CHEMICAL PAKISTAN LIMITED  In 1968 The construction of a urea plant was completed and commissioned at a cost of US$ 43 million  Registered Office  PNSC Building . Moulvi Tamizuddin Khan Road .  P.O.Box. 5736. Karachi –74000 .Pakistan
  4. 4. Nature of Business  Manufacturing of Fertilizers.  Machinery Imported  Imported from CHINA, ITALY, and FRANCE.  Availability of Raw Material  Rock phosphate. Methane, potassium carbonate  Land  357Acres Factory Area  330 Acres Colony  Utilities  Gas, Sui Northern Gas Pipeline.
  5. 5.  Power  Organiation’s own power House.  Water  Own Tube well.
  6. 6. Main Products  CAN = Calcium Ammonium Nitrate = 50 kg bag.  NPK = Nitro phosphate = 50 kg bag.  UREA= Large & Small 25 kg, 50 kg bags.  DAP
  7. 7. By Products  Ammonium Nitrate Crystal (NAH)  Ammonia Gas  CO2 gas --- Small scale factories
  8. 8. PROPERTIES OF UREA  1. Formula NH2 CO NH2  2. Molecular weight 60.06  3. Nitrogen contents 46.65%  4. Melting point 132.7 C  5. Color white
  9. 9. Urea Plant  1. Synthesis  2. Carbamate Sepration and Recycle  3. Evapuration and Prilling .
  10. 10. fertilizer Production at Engro  Primary nutrients  Nitrogen  Phosphorus  Potassium SECONDARY NUTRIENTS  Calcium  Magnesium  Sodium Sulphur
  11. 11. Total Production Of Urea in Pakistan Total Production 9000 M-Ton/day Total requirements of 9450 M- Ton/day Urea in Pakistan Imports 450 M- Ton/day    
  12. 12. Manufacturing Cost  Manufacturing Cost  Per 50 kg. Bag RS.300  Consumer price  RS.450  Import price  RS.1200
  13. 13. INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM SAFETY STOCK INVENTORY Engro chemicals normally keeps the safety stock of raw material of about 5 days which are used in the production of different fertilizers Which are required for 15000 M-Ton. Of Urea.
  14. 14. Bottle neck situations  In the recent past plant capacity has caused bottle neck situation in the organization when the demand was high raw material was easily available and the major portion of the plant was capable of dealing with high production but only in some operational areas specially mixing and evaporating areas caused problem
  15. 15. COMPETITIVE PRIORITIES  Cost Engro chemical are offering its products at a competitive cost  Quality As organization is producing a standard products it is maintaining consistant quality of its product the ISO Standard it has got is the proof of their quality
  16. 16. Time  As the delivery and the nature of the product is concern it is of the nature that organization is unable to meet its Market demand that s why the Fertilizer that is produced is immediately delivered to the customer.
  17. 17. Flexibility  The organization is producing the Standard Product but if we talk about its human resource they are trained in a way that they can work in different production units when ever required.
  18. 18. Service Strategies  The org. is producing standardized product so they are having standardized service strategies with minimal variety and in high volumes
  19. 19. Manufacturing strategies  The org. is working on make to stock strategy in the off seasons they produce and stock the fertilizers and try to coop up the situation in the peek season
  20. 20. WARE HOUSES  DISTRIBUTION OFFICER DAHARKI  Muddassir Shafique House No. 41, Management Colony, Ecpl, Daharki
  22. 22.   AMMONIA PLANT Hydrotretment Stea reforming Shift conversion Prim.and sec. High and low  reforming temp. shifts Methenation Recovery unit CO2 removal   Synthesis of  Amonia  
  23. 23. Urea Plant SYNTHESIS CARBAMATE Separations and  recycle EVAPORATION AND PRILLING
  24. 24. Manufacturing of DAP Rock phosphate Mixing with  drying acids curing cooling screening
  25. 25. MANUFACTURING OF NPK  Rock phosphate  2-nitric acid  3-ammonia  4-potassium carbonate
  26. 26. NPK OPERATIONS Dissolution  crystallization centrifuging Evaporation  neutralization mixing Prilling  
  27. 27. Purpose of urea  It is used to increase the fertility of the soil by increasing the quantity of neutrants
  28. 28. HISTORY OF UREA  The urea was first discover in Urine 1773 by Rovele . in 1828 Friedrich accidentally accomplished the first synthesis of known organic compound (urea )starting with a material considered to be in organic . he produce urea (NH2 CO NH2 )BY evaporating to dryness a solution of a Ammonium Cyanate
  29. 29. Manufacturing of DAP  Rock phosphate  Phosphoric acid 62% ammonia
  30. 30. Nutrients Requirements For the Plant  Nitrogen  Phosphorus  Potassium
  31. 31. Jahangir Arshad  Market shares  Establishment of engro  Urea industry Review  Raw Materials
  32. 32. Comparisons of market shares FFC(Fauji Fertilizer Company 50% 1985 Engro 25% 1968 Dawood Herculeus 15% 1980 National Fertilizer Company (NFC) 10% 1960)
  33. 33. Raw material inventory  Following materials are need to be inventoried rock phosphate potassium carbonate and the chemicals for the provision of ,copper ,zinc , iron ,carbon,magnese ,nickel are inventoried.
  34. 34. Review of Urea industry at Engro  In Urea Industries  Engro and FFC There is a stiff competition in thisProduct between three companies
  35. 35. ESTABLISHMENT OF ENGRO  1957 Search for oil by Pak Stanvac, an Esso/Mobil joint venture, led to the discovery of Mari gas field situated near Daharki -- a small town in upper Sindh province.
  36. 36.  1965The Esso Pakistan Fertilizer Company Limited was incorporated, with 75% of the shares owned by Esso and 25% by the general public of Pakistan. Soon, a land area of 500 acres was selected for the plant site at Daharki.
  37. 37.  1966 The construction of a urea plant was started with the annual capacity of 173,000 tons
  38. 38.  1968 The construction of a urea plant was completed and commissioned at a cost of US$ 43 million.A full-fledged marketing organization was established and given the important task of effective
  39. 39.  1995 The plant capacity was further increased to 750,000 tons per annum with an investment of US$ 23 million. Engro entered into first 50/50 joint venture with Royal Vopak of Netherlands to form and built a fully-integrated state- of-the-art jetty and bulk liquid chemical and LPG storage facility at a cost of US$ 65 million. 
  40. 40.  1996 The company successfully engineered and implemented an expansion program that gave a major boost to the urea production and its capacity increased to 850,000 ton per annum.
  41. 41.  1997 On October 10th, entered into its second 50/50 joint venture called Engro Asahi Polymer & Chemical Limited (EAPCL) Company in collaboration with Asahi Glass Company and Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan to build the first world scale PVC resin manufacturing facility at a cost of US$ 80 million.
  42. 42.  1999 On March 9, the Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif formally inaugurates the 850KT expansion project at Daharki urea plant. Workshops of Daharki urea plant receive ISO 9002 certification.
  43. 43.  2000 On February 9th, General Parvez Musharaf, the Chief Executive of Pakistan inaugurates Engro Asahi Polymer & Chemicals PVC resin manufacturing plant at Port Qasim
  44. 44.  2003 April 28, Engro acquired controlling interest in the Automation & control Division of Innovative Private Ltd. (INET) a Lahore based Technology Company.
  45. 45. Joint ventures  Engro Asahi Polymer & Chemicals Limited (EAPCL) is a joint Venture Company set up by Engro Chemicals Pakistan Limited, Asahi Glass Company (AGC) and Mitsubishi Corporation (MC). The equity stakes of the above mentioned companies are 50%, 30%, and 20% respectively.
  46. 46. Vision  To be the premier Pakistani enterprise with a global reach, passionately pursuing value creation for all stake holder 
  47. 47. MISSION STATEMENT  To help farmers maximize their farm produce by providing quality plant nutrients and technical services upon which they can depend. To create wealth by building new businesses based on company and country strengths in Petrochemicals, Information Technology, Infrastructure and other Agricultural sectors.
  48. 48. CORE VALUES  We strongly believe in the dignity and values of peoples we must consistently treat each other with respect and strive to create an organizational environment in which individuals are encouraged and empowered to contribute grow and develop themselves and help to develop each other
  49. 49. INNOVATION  Success require us to continually strive to produce break through ideas that results in improved solutions and services to customers .we encourage challenges to status and seek organizational environments in which ideas are encouraged .
  50. 50. Product Information And Technical Services  Engro Chemical Pakistan Limited offers unmatched Technical Services with the clear focus on aligning and developing the professional needs of the customer and help achieve his crop objectives within the optimised use of Engro fertilizer inputs
  51. 51. FREE SOIL and WATER TESTING FACILITY  The Company offers free soil and water testing facility to the farmer. This is conducted through three fully-equipped laboratories operated by ENGRO at Daharki, Hyderabad and Multan. These labs have a combined soil/water analysis capacity of 6200 samples. During 2002, however, over 9000 samples were analyzed as a free service at no cost to the farmer.
  52. 52. Compound fertilizer NPK  Engro NPK fertilizers are homogenously granulated and maximize crop yields by providing balanced nutrition for a wide variety of crops through the uniform availability of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium. Engro NPK grades are specially produced to suit the requirements of individual crops and soils, and provide convenience to the farmer through ready availability of of precise quantities of different nutrients.
  53. 53. NITROGENOUS FERTILIZERS  ENGRO UREA  ENGRO UREA is a trusted high grade fertilizer containing 46% N, Engro Urea is an excellent source of Nitrogen for the vast majority of cultivated soils of Pakistan.
  54. 54. PHOSPHARIC FERTILIZERS  ENGRO DAP  Engro DAP contains 46% P2O5 and 18% N. More than 90% of P is water soluble. It has a pH value of 7.33 and is a good source of P fertilizer for all crops. It is an equally good source on problem soils (saline sodic) with coarse texture.
  55. 55. ENGRO ZORAWAR  Engro Zorawar is one of the highest grade phosphatic fertilizers. It is acidic in reaction (pH >= 3.5) and contains 52% P2O5 of which more than 90% is water soluble, while the rest is citrate soluble. In addition to P, it contains 12% N, 2% sulphur and 1% calcium.
  56. 56. Core business  Engro is an agri based company. Our core business is manufacturing and marketing of chemical fertilizers. We are Pakistan’s one of the largest producers of urea fertilizer which is manufactured at Daharki and marketed under brand name Engro.
  57. 57. HUMAN RESOURCE  Permanent employees 500 personals   Management 150 - personals  Employees 350 - personals  Contractor workers 2700 - personals  Three shifts  8 – hrs per shift
  58. 58. Management At Daharki   Vice president at Daharki   Production Managers   Unit Managers   Section Heads   Senior Engineers   Shift Coordinators   Shift Engineers   Plant operators   Helpers
  59. 59. Hierarchy of Human Resource   Vice Pesident Daharki   Plant           Production   Manager         Unit Mechanical Instrument . Technical Managers manager mgr manager    
  60. 60. Departments  Finance  Audit  Production  Technical & Planning  Engineering  Management Information System
  61. 61. career development  Engro Chemical Pakistan Ltd., in view of its aggressive business growth and diversification plans and effective management of the career development of its people, is continuously in search of top
  62. 62. quality professionals in the following disciplines: Chemical, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Marketing and Finance Accountancy Information Technology
  63. 63. HR PHILOSOPHY IN ENGRO CHEMICAL  The long term vision is to become a diversified chemical company operating internationally. To achieve this aim we need the best people. We therefore aim to recruit high caliber people and give them the opportunity to grow and to develop their talents
  64. 64. Compensation and Benefits  The Company's Total Remuneration package is competitively aligned to the best in the industry and is appropriately balanced between providing cash compensation and benefits, including perquisites, medical and retirement benefits. The annual salary rewards are linked to employee performance.
  65. 65. On-the-Job Development  The Company believes strongly that people grow and learn most effectively through experience. Therefore, every opportunity is sought to try to develop an employee through work related experience.
  66. 66. Training and Education  The Company has a range of training programs, both core management and technical, which are used on a regular basis to develop skill and knowledge.
  67. 67. Career Development  We are committed to the essential concept that career development is a shared responsibility, with employees part in it an active and positive one.
  68. 68. Joint ventures  Engro Asahi Polymer & Chemicals Limited (EAPCL) is a joint Venture Company set up by Engro Chemicals Pakistan Limited, Asahi Glass Company (AGC) and Mitsubishi Corporation (MC). The equity stakes of the above mentioned companies are 50%, 30%, and 20% respectively.
  69. 69. Corporate Governance  The Board of Directors for Engro Chemical Pakistan Ltd responsible to the shareholders for the management of the Company. It acknowledges the responsibility for the system of internal financial control and is committed to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance.
  71. 71. Key figures
  72. 72. REDUCTION IN ENERGY & WATER CONSUMPTION  A reduction of 7% energy consumption for the entire site was realized through ACES technology on one of our urea units.
  73. 73. Water consumption
  76. 76. SAFETY, ENVIRONMENT  ECPL gives the highest importance to safe operations, safe work practices, protection of the environment and the health of its employees in the conduct of its business
  77. 77. ENVIRONMENT:  As part of our Urea expansion project in 1998, we retrofitted ACES (Advanced Cost and Energy Savings) technology to one of our Urea units. This resulted in enhancing our annual production capacity from 750, 000 metric tons to 850,000 metric tons along with significant improvement in plant energy and environment indices.
  78. 78. AWARDS:  ECPL has won the Golden Jubilee award for the best practices in Occupational Safety, Health & Environment.