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Advise related to Scrub Suit regarding its use, specification & material

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We have provide you information related to scrub suit before you buy keep in mind like its specifications, its color according to your profession and material used in it. We also help you in deciding from where you buy. We have listing of manufacturers and exporters dealing in it.

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Advise related to Scrub Suit regarding its use, specification & material

  1. 1. Scrub Suit  Scrub Suit is a sanitary uniform that is a combo of a v neck shaped shirt with half sleeves and a drawstring trouser. This uniform is worn by surgeons, nurses, physicians and other workers which are involved in the care of the patients. It provides them proper and easy movement. Scrub Suit represents a clinical appearance and acts as an effort towards hygiene and keeps the germs away.
  2. 2. Specifications of Scrub Suits ● Sizes – Standard and Customized (S, M, L, XL, XXL) ● Colors – Pink, white, green, blue, Red, Peach  ● Sleeve Type – Full, Half  ● Use – Hospitals, Medical Centers  ● Material – Cotton, Polyester, Natural Rubber, Latex, PP,  Spunlace, SMS ● Pattern – Overlap neck, V­Neck, Plain ● Category – Doctor, Hospital staff, OT Room 
  3. 3. Scrub Suit Colors According to Profession ● Green Scrub Suits – Surgeons ● Pink Scrub Suits – Obs and  Gynaecologists  ● Blue Scrub Suits ­  Opthalmologists 
  4. 4. Scrub Suits Designs
  5. 5. Uses Of Scrub Suits  In  many  operation  theatres,  it  is  not  allowed  to  wear  any  exposed  clothing, such as a t­shirt, beneath scrubs. As scrub suit is designed  to promote a clean environment, the wearing of outside clothing is  thought to introduce unwanted pathogens. Nearly  all  patient  care  personnel  at  hospitals  wear  some  form  of  scrubs while on duty. Scrub Suits is also extended outside of hospitals, as they work well  in the dusty environment and do not come in contact of germs.  
  6. 6. Material used in making Scrub Suits For making of scrub suits microfibre is the ideal choice as it  has  unique  absorption  capabiltity.  It  absorbs  the  moisture  away from the skin. They are also available in cotton, rayon or  polycotton material. 
  7. 7. Thank You For Reading  For more Information about Scrub Suit Visit :- https://www.tradeindia.com/manufacturers/scrub-suits.html