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  1. 1. [Type here] ABHINAY Email: abhiidea91@gmail.com Phone: 8971529357 Career Objective: To be a professional by learning, quest for challenging position in a progressive organization that would provide me individual growth as well as development in the process of contribution to the betterment of the organization by performing to the best of my abilities. Summary Skills: 3 Years 3 months of Exp. in Networking and Protocol testing, handled VOIP Signaling, IPsec VPN, SNMP Projects. • Hands on experience on SIP, VOIP and IPsec VPN. • Protocols such as DHCP, NAT, PAT, ISAKMP, SSL/TLS, IKE, FTP, TELNET and SSH. • Good knowledge on DNS, TCP, UDP, HTTP, RADIUS and TFTP. • Working experience on VOIP application and SIP, RTP, SDP. • Good Knowledge on TCP, IP, DHCP and VPN. • Experience in using Packet Sniffers such as Ethereal, Tcpdump and Wire shark. • Familiar with traffic generating tools such as SIPP, Protos. • Hands on experience in STLC, Manual testing concepts. • Extensively used standard services like SSH, FTP and TELNET. • Theoretical Knowledge on Digital Certificates. • Involving in Test case design, Execution, Bug Reporting, and Internal Communication. • Strong skills in performing Functional, Regression, Load, Performance, Stress, System, User Acceptance and Black Box Testing. Education: • B. Tech Electronics and communication engineering from JNTU in 2012. Software environment: Operating Systems : Windows 2000/2003/2005/2008/2008r2/XP, Linux. Testing Tools : SIPP, Asterisk, OpenSER, and PROTOS. Protocol : SIP, SDP, TCP, IP, SNMP, UDP, DHCP, SSH, IKE and VPN. Bug Tracking Tools : Bugzilla and HP Quality Center11, JIRA. Deployment-Mode : Inline, DMZ, NAT, Trunking. Networking : Switching, Routing, LAN, WAN, VLANs, STP.
  2. 2. [Type here] Work Experience Mar 2014 – till date TaraSpan Solutions Pvt. Ltd Project Title: - Testing of VOIP functionality on Mitel 6869 SIP phone Description: The Mitel 6869 SIP Phone is the most advanced phone of the Mitel 6800 Series, offering remarkable rich telephone features, a large user-friendly interface, and remarkable HD audio quality. Equipped with an extensive number of user customization options and call management applications, the Mitel 6869 guarantees an excellent power user experience. With accessory support for a detachable keyboard and up to three expansion modules, the Mitel 6869 is a powerful, expandable and environmentally friendly choice for those that demand exceptional functionality from their phones. Roles and Responsibilities: • Involved in the analysis of requirement use cases and in preparation of the test plan. • Study of RFC related to VOIP (RFC 3261) to review the adequacy of test cases Executing test cases and raising the bug and reporting the bug. • Extensively Involved in SIP Registration Test plan, test case Execution, Defect filing and • test bed setup. • SIP Call Feature testing on Call Hold, Call Forward, Call Transfer, Call Pickup, call Conference. • Test case design, develop and execution for security level. Designing and implementation of test bed. • Performing Functional, Regression and Sanity testing. Bug tracking, logging and reproducing the bugs. Feb 2013 – Feb 2014 ZyXEL Technology India Pvt. Ltd Project Title :- IPsec VPN testing on ZyWall 1100 Firewall Description: The new ZyWALL Series VPN Firewalls are designed with multi-core CPUs to deliver the fastest VPN and firewall performance on the market. High-speed networking performance is guaranteed with up to 6 Gbps firewall throughput and 800 Mbps VPN throughput—up to 15x the firewall performance and 4.4x the VPN performance of preceding models. Designed with completely new and advanced hardware platforms, the new ZyWALL Series VPN Firewalls deliver uncompromising performance for high-speed site-to-site and client-to-site VPN applications. Roles and Responsibilities: • Conducting QA/Testing (manual/functional).
  3. 3. [Type here] • Creating test bed setups and environment for Testing Different Scenarios. • Review requirement specifications and technical design documents and Design, execution of test plans and test cases for assessing compliance of delivered products to those requirements. • Perform all dimensions of testing, including integration, acceptance, functional, System- level, Stress/Load and Regression testing. • Report and maintain software defects in the defect management system. • Involved in product functional reviews, test specifications, documentation. • Filing bugs and following up with developers. • Developed test plans and performed tests across various solutions/applications. • Performed Stability and Scalability testing (Traffic load variation to simulate the real time load). June 2012 – Jan 2013 ZyXEL Technology India Pvt. Ltd Project Title: - SNMP Agent Testing on Zywall 310 Firewall Description: ZyXEL’s new ZyWALL Series VPN Firewalls are business-grade VPN gateways purpose- built to deliver the fastest performance for multi-site VPN deployments. These high performance VPN Firewalls feature multi-core CPUs and are fine-tuned to deliver ultra-fast performance with up to 6 Gbps firewall and 800 Mbps VPN throughputs. The new ZyWALL Series VPN Firewalls, Also feature the most advanced VPN functionality—SHA-2 encryption, VPN HA and L2TP—for more secure, more reliable and more mobile VPN connectivity. Roles and Responsibilities:  Created SNMP test processes and UTM test cases  Created UTM test bed environment for Snmp Agent Testing  Tracked, debugged, logged, and diagnosed various SNMP Traps and Operations  Configured and deployed SNMP (V1,V2,V3) auth, and other authentication backend systems  Dwelt the execution on SNMP, RADIUS, and Identity Based Policies.  Worked with customers on-site to troubleshoot connection issues and network troubleshooting and debugging.