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Presentation on Nano Car

  1.  “Dream-dream and dream, because dream gives vision, vision gives thoughts and finally thoughts lead to the action". By India's former President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam  Dreams also give you an idea to change yours and other life.
  2. An idea can change your LIFE
  3.  Mr. Ratan Tata I observed families riding on two-wheeler the father driving the scooter, his young kid standing in front of him, his wife seated behind him holding a little baby. It led me to wonder for such a car which is safe & affordable to any middle class family.
  4. The ONE lakh car that drives ONE billion dreams…
  5. 7  The project has literally become India's claim-for-fame in the international-media due to Tata Motors' innovation in developing the car, as well as keeping it low in price.  The car itself is expected to boost the Indian Economy create entrepreneurial-opportunities across India, expand the Indian car market by 65%.  Mr.Ratan Tata, Chairman of the Tata Group and Tata Motors, who has described it as an eco-friendly "people's car".
  6. 8  Nano has been greatly appreciated by many sources and the media for its low-cost and eco-friendly initiatives which include using compressed-air as fuel and an electric-version.  Tata Group is expected to mass-manufacture the Nano in very large quantities, particularly the electric-version, and, besides selling them in India, to also export them world-wide.  The Tata Nano is a rear-engine, four passenger
  7. 9 •The People’s Car, designed with a family in mind, has a roomy passenger compartment with generous leg space and head room. • It can comfortably seat four persons. •Four doors with high seating position make ingress and egress easy.
  8. 10  The Tata Nano uses plastics and adhesives rather than welding.  Introducing the car with an artificially low price through govt- subsidies and tax-breaks,  Using vertical-integration, or partially using inexpensive polymers or biodegradable plastics instead of a full metal-body.  It has no AC, no power steering, no power windows, no power bells and whistles.
  9. 11  The Nano's boot does not open, instead the rear seats can be folded down to access the boot space.  It has a single windscreen wiper instead of the usual pair.  Its door opening lever was simplified.  It has 3 nuts on the wheels instead of the statutory 4 nuts.  It only has 1 side view mirror
  10.  Starting price in India: Rs. 100,000 PLACE :  Manufactured in India  Sold through dealerships or internet  Alliance created with Nissan  Sold at Nissan dealerships  Good Strategic Alliance due to its costumer  loyalty, establishment in North America, etc.
  11. 13  The low-cost car is clearly intended for the masses.  For the family of four that would otherwise ride on a scooter,  Its also attracts the small cars buyers like Maruti 800, bike riders etc.
  12. 14  For marketing strategy Tata had use conventional media in an unconventional manner.  Nano isn’t big on advertising. There are no TV campaign,  Only innovative use of print, radio and other media, particularly the web.  The Tata team was working on › Nano news in papers, › Nano breaks on radio, › Nano appearing in the form of messages or ticker news on TV, › Online Nano games, › Nano chat rooms on the Net, › Nano pop-ups on major websites and › Nano conversation on Facebook, Orkut and blog spaces
  13. 1 December 2009Tushar Rastogi 15 ‘Have Fun, Pay Less, get more with Tata Nano’
  14. 16 Website: The major sections of the site are: a. Galary (both pictures and videos). b. Game (rather Link to a nice virtual driving game by Zapak). c. Community. d. Why Nano? e. Booking Details.
  15. 17  Facebook  Blog  Orkut  YouTube
  16. 18 The game by zapak was a great move to spread word about the car.
  17. 1 December 2009Tushar Rastogi 19
  18. 20  The grand launching ceremony of Tata Nano was covered by all kind of media personal. It was a front page headline in many leading newspapers.  International motor show at Geneva where Mr. Tata shows the Nano in front of international media.  Business tycoon like Mr. Tata when delivered the first Nano to a comman person, itself it makes a big news.
  19. SWOT Analy
  20. Price Mileage Style Brand Name First Innovation Fiber Body Low Suspension Light Weight Not Suitable for Hilly Areas Delay due to Singur
  21. • Bikers can be motivated • Auto rickshaw & second hand market • Other competitors • Traffic Congestion • New Regualtions Opportunities Threats