Mobile apps are the new systems of engagement

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23. Jan 2013

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Mobile apps are the new systems of engagement

  1. Mobile Apps Are The New Systems Of Engagement
  2. One billion consumers will have smartphones by 2016.
  3. 90% Apple, Google, and Microsoft will be the software platform for more than 90% of smartphones and tablets worldwide.
  4. In 2016, 350 million employees will use smartphones.
  5. Mobile spend will reach $1.3 trillion as the mobile apps market reaches $55 billion in 2016
  6. 100% Business spending on mobile projects will grow 100% by 2015
  7. 7 Mobile Apps are a $6.0billion market today, growing to $55.7 Billion by 2015
  8. 8 So how does the Brand Engage
  9. 9 Mobile devices and apps are powerful tools that firms can harness to Engage customers, Serve partners, and Empower employees.
  10. With mobile apps as the visible 10 face for systems of engagement: 1.  Customers interact directly with the organization in their moments of decision. 2.  Partners employ your tools in the context of their daily workflow. 3.  Employees work, collaborate, and make key decisions anywhere on any device. 4.  Offline products get APIs and mobile app extensions.
  11. 11 Customers interact directly with the Brand •  Mobile apps let people act and offer feedback anytime anywhere. •  Its acts as a guide in the Decision making process. •  It’s why 25 of the top 30 online US retailers have built native iPhone apps to grow mobile retail revenue from $6 billion to $31 billion by 2016. •  It’s why IHG launched its app on the Kindle Fire and Google TV to grow the $130 million in mobile bookings already coming from IHG’s iPhone, Android, and iPad apps.
  12. Partners employ your tools in the context of 12 their daily workflow. •  Mobile apps particularly tablet apps let firms open their core engagement systems to partners in the moments they need them the most. •  Three examples make the point: •  John Deere’s tablet app helps dealers streamline the purchase of farm equipment right from the back lot. •  Putnam Investments’ tablet app helps wholesalers sell its financial products by putting portfolio returns in front of independent financial advisors. •  GE’s tablet app knows which windmill a customer is standing by so it pulls up the right maintenance schedule. •  In every case, the mobile app is a tool in the partner’s workflow.
  13. Employees work, collaborate, and make key 13 decisions anywhere on any device. •  With operational data dashboards on iPads, executives make real- time decisions during a meeting rather than a day or a week later. •  Empowered by mobile collaboration and productivity tools from vendors like Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google, IBM, Quickoffice, and SharePlus, staff leave their laptops at home and remain connected and productive. •  Sales advisors at medical device maker Medtronic have interactive surgical procedures on tablets to orient a doctor to the surgery before she steps into the operating room.
  14. 14 Offline products gets mobile app extensions. •  Companies can use engagement technologies sensors, radios, embedded computers, and wireless access to build intelligent and connected products: smart dishwashers from Miele, smart cars from BMW, or smart tractors from Caterpillar. •  Mobile apps play a role here, too, as the predominant way in which developers extend the value of the smart product and people sense and respond to the smart products around them.
  15. 15 Engagement Goal for a Organizations Mobile App Example
  16. 16 For Customer App Empower people by focusing on their task and context in the moment of decision
  17. 17 For Partner App Project your business value by provisioning partners with tools in their daily workflow and context
  18. 18 For Employee App Accelerate business decisions by putting data dashboards into executives hands in there meeting moments
  19. 19 For Smart Products App Control smart products from mobile devices and extend the value of products with an app ecosystem
  20. 20
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