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  1. 1. Abdelrhman almahi CV Curriculum Vitae Place: UAE Abdelrhman Khalil Osman almahi
  2. 2. Abdelrhman almahi CV Name : Abdelrhman Khalil Osman Almahi. Date of Birth : 22 July, 1986. Martial Status : Single. Address : shekh khalifa road, Aljurf 2, Ajman, UAE. Tel: 00971503860557 (Mobile). E-mail Address : abban41@gmail.com , aalmahi@thecontactcentre.ae :: EXPERIENCES IT Support Jul 2013 – Present (ETISALAT – UAE) • Supporting business and individual customer in all ETISALAT services and product. • Providing first level technical support to customer • Ability to convey technical solution in clear and concise manner. • Quickly responding to customer enquiries and concerns. • Communicate technical information to people who are not familiar with engineering terms, industry jargon and undertaking analysis, diagnosis and resolution of their problem via phone and e-mails. • Escalating unresolved problems to other support staff • Continuously reviewing performance against Service Level Agreements. • Analyzing call logs to spot trends and underlying issues. • Producing documentation and reports to a high standard. • Testing and evaluating new technology. • Setting up new users' accounts and profiles and dealing with password issues. • Monitoring IT network to ensure availability to all users. SERVICE ENGINEERING APR 2011– JUN2013 (SAMSUNG MOBILE – KHARTOUM-SUDAN) • Work as a technicians by fixed the all computer software and hardware problems. • provide consulting services and train such customers who are buying or installing equipment and do not have an in-house engineer to guide them through the process • Work on different places and requires mobility. • Write reports on any work that is carried out on any devices and hand it over to the management. • Identifying and remedying performance bottlenecks in complex systems. • Repairing IT equipment and replacing parts. • Giving sound advice on technical matters. • Accurately following diagrams and written instructions to repair a fault or set up asystem. • Maintaining records of software licenses. Place: UAE Abdelrhman Khalil Osman almahi • Bachelor (BSC) Honor degree of Electronic Systems and Computer Engineering. University of Science and Technology (Khartoum-Sudan) October 2010. Title of graduation project: "System Interconnection Architecture”
  3. 3. Abdelrhman almahi CV Place: UAE Abdelrhman Khalil Osman almahi