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Ip - Oracle Fusion Middleware Forum Enterprise Mobility

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Presentation delivered at Oracle Fusion Middleware Forum - August 2012.

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Ip - Oracle Fusion Middleware Forum Enterprise Mobility

  1. 1. Enterprise MobilityCase StudyCase StudyCase Study16 July 2012
  2. 2. About Intelligent Pathways• Australian technology company founded in 2003• Specialising in enterprise integration and application development• Our approach is aligning technology with business objectives• Strong track record of delivery• In depth knowledge of Oracle Fusion Middleware; early adopters of SOA• Enterprise Mobility Product Offering
  3. 3. About the Client• Global Medical Device Manufacturing Company• Local initiatives – Operational Excellence – Customer Satisfaction• Mobile salesforce – Customer Relationship Management – Day to day sales in Accounts• Back office support staff – Supporting customers & sales representatives – Complete Sales Orders
  4. 4. Why Oracle• Existing Customer with large Oracle footprint – Global preferred vendor for DB and ERP• Looked at B2B EDI Replacement with Oracle Technologies – Oracle B2B and FMW a good fit• Global consolidation of ERP and satellite systems – Global standard B2B Integration processes – SOA Platform a must
  5. 5. Why Intelligent Pathways• Good reputation for delivery for client in the same industry – From backend IT projects to business facing projects• Established credibility with IT and engaged for business facing applications• Good fit as we have product and services capability• Local initiative needs a local partner
  6. 6. Solution needs to address• Inconsistent approach to ordering equipment• Incorrect Order details – Lost in translation between customer, sales rep and support staff – Complex tailored orders down to individual customer staff members• Inefficient process to approve the order details• Hard to meet SLAs on delivery – Order changes occurring during pick and pack
  7. 7. Mobility Challenges• Disconnected mode – Design of technical process orchestration to deal with no input from users who are disconnected – Design mobile device application to still function when users are disconnected • Limited functionality in disconnected mode – Reference data is an issue• Network performance – Data transmitted needs to be minimised• User Experience – Same functions across multiple delivery channels with different experience – Standard device widgets where possible
  8. 8. Project Challenges• JDE Version 8 – No Business Services – No Synchronous Transactional Integration – Hard to understand data model• Fault Tolerance and Infrastructure Stability – No control over public networks• SLAs and User Expectation – High available front end – Low available back end – JDE is brought down for 3 hours each night for backups• Operational Support – Mix between in-house and outsourcing
  9. 9. Solution Concepts
  10. 10. Solution Concepts Forms •Replace ‘pen, paper and clipboard’ •Delivered across mobile channels •Online and Offline
  11. 11. Solution Concepts Workflow •Process Automation •Human or System Interaction •Initiated via Forms or other Inbound channels
  12. 12. Solution Concepts Human Tasks •Supports Human interaction with workflow •Presented based on roles •Perform one step in the process •Online only
  13. 13. Solution Concepts Reference Data •Supports Data Entry in Forms and Tasks. •May be static, or based on data sourced from enterprise systems •Standard format so that it can be ‘plugged into’ tasks and forms.
  14. 14. Solution Concepts Business Services •Services provided to support workflows. •Abstraction on enterprise systems. •Using Oracle Fusion Middleware
  15. 15. Forms and Flow
  16. 16. Technology Enablers
  17. 17. A viable alternative
  18. 18. SOA and Enterprise Mobility
  19. 19. Solution Component Architecture
  20. 20. Data Integration and Caching
  21. 21. Data Integration and Caching
  22. 22. Forms
  23. 23. Clip ToolkitInbound Channels
  24. 24. Reference DataReference Data
  25. 25. Clip ToolkitEnterprise Integration
  26. 26. Implementation Approach• Start simple• Improve Data Quality• Automate Process• Remove human interaction where possible
  27. 27. Solution High Level Process
  28. 28. Process Orchestration
  29. 29. Reference Data Information Model
  30. 30. Reference Data Information Model
  31. 31. Process TasksSubmit Sales OrderSubmit Sales Order
  32. 32. Process TasksCreate Sales OrderCreate Sales Order
  33. 33. Process TasksComplete Sales OrderComplete Sales Order
  34. 34. Process TasksApprove Sales OrderApprove Sales Order
  35. 35. In Summary• Mobile Mediation – Reducing Data Transmission – Dealing with Disconnected – Transform data into either Reference Data or transactional data models• Caching Data for Performance – Depends on Information Model and Service Design – Cache in the cloud – Coherence is good for this• Solution paradigm – Mobile Workforce Data Entry – Process Automation• Tradeoff: Maximise reuse while offering custom user experience• Up to date technology – High cost in service enabling ERPs from the 90s
  36. 36. Thank you for your time.