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Global Jawab


Man: Value and Ethics
Objective : The Revival of Human Conscious
Approach : The Human Instinct Theory

work and activities

Jawab International Award
For disseminating the concept of reconciling culture under balanced human thought
for all literary, artistic works and Programs and humanitarian action .

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Global Jawab

  1. 1. GLOBAL JAWAB Man: Value and Ethics ORGANIZATIONPreface ..Ja’wab International was founded in the State of Virginia, USA in 1996 as nonprofitorganization and specialized in tackling matters connected to human thought andanalyzing all theories, notions and systems bearing upon human thinking in general.Jawab also focuses on influences and trends that affect human life and everydaypractices of mankind such as but not limited to social, economic and cultural systemsthat are interacting with modern cultural and ideological foundations. Jawab’s mainfocal purpose is to seek solutions and workouts for confrontations in terms of mode,content and ultimate goal of culture, and further defining concepts and ideologicalbasic foundations within a neutral and nonbiased framework in an atmosphere ofhealthy and objective dialogue .Jawab tries its best to make the language of civilizeddialogue part and parcel of human culture the world over.This research combines the upshot and results of ample sober treatment of manyideological treatments on global scale. Jawab International offers an accuratetreatment for reality with all its circumstances and causalities and provides solutionsand full tackle of impediments and alternatives acting upon the objectives of thoughtsecurity.Jawab’s Main BusinessScience research is part of Jawab’s main business that furnishes it with adequatemechanisms that are needed for comparison and treatment of traditional and modernsystems. Further, Jawab, by defining literary and scientific theories and concepts thatare substantial influencing factors of such systems, shall be abler to tackle issues andsubjects connected to human thought in general. Besides the fact that Jawab embarksupon the mission of seeking reconciling concepts that wards off conflicts and opensthe door wide for a healthy dialogue to defuse tension between nations. Further,Jawab calls for open-minded dialogue in an objective and scientific atmospheresupported bycivilized definitions and conceptsDevelopment and ResultsActing upon the Concept of Civilized Competition that is taken by Jawab as the keyfor any reconciling dialogue among nations such concept shall be the basis fortackling all systems and directions, a good approach to handle human and moral valuesystems, and a suitable atmosphere for all to participate without fear of rejection orexclusion or stereotypes.Once all the basic pillars and foundations have been underpinned, the burden has
  2. 2. accumulated when seeking for a theory that provides concepts and active terminologywith direct effect and significance that serves as a sober judgment on the performanceof systems and directions. The developing world takes human value systems and othermoral values from materialistic perspective that defines responsibilities and focuseson commitment together with full treatment of their composite repercussions andnegative aspects within the contest of postmodernism. As for other developed nations,all human and moral value systems are transmitted traditions that are prone to manyjudgments, review and criticism, and that are of communities of high measure ofextremism and fanaticism and of low moral structure due to the juggernaut of modernadvancements in life, technology and business…etc.Here lies the concept of competition between advanced and traditional moral systemsand intensifies the need for scientific thrust for a composite civilized rival. Such rivalmay suggest a package of terminology that runs all traditional values from its staticcondition in a balanced way that keeps them abreast of modern times (the real andauthentic tradition never clashes with the advancements of science and technology .(…Concepts and TheoriesHuman soul used to be the focal point of a wide range of researches .Human instinctwas also the main source of moral conscious with all its inputs and other interactionswith human soul that combines spirit, body and soul.The real meaning of conflict between man and his soul lies in the spiritual values thatdrive him to good on one hand and with bodily instinct with all its vagaries that spurhim to evil. Here the conflict begins between good and evil regardless of shape,justification and form.The good is the natural bed of soul with its values. Evil where vagaries and badinclinations lie. Out of these interactions, results and equations have ended in ascientific theory that raise human value and its moral implications by providing atheoretical approach for human instinct that combines all human souls with all itsinteractions and practical and scientific influences. The final definition of humaninstinct is as follows:Human instinct between the spirit, mind and body is some sort of emotionalinteraction within cycle of Godly instructions that raises human instinct.A Ramification of Such Definition is the Concept of Thought Peace.Humanity lives in a continous search for the inner cause of existence .By this view,human thought implies many common denominators that constitute importantapproach that enhances moral and ethical basics and foundations (All mankind aresiblings of Adam, and Adam was created out of ashes). Fear and security, conflict andpeace are the natural outcome of each other. Here is the role of reconciling them into
  3. 3. one unity that can remove the reasons and causes of fear and defuse tension oralleviate it in a way that pave the way for a new era of peace for all .TermReconciling Culture: Reconciling culture stems from itself. It healthily interacts withits regional, local and global surroundings via thought peace that throttles downinclinations and motivations of conflict .Under reconciling culture, humanity can liveunder cultural diversity that combines mankind acting upon common human valuesand principles .Reconciling culture means a good civilization pillar and a forum fornations and an arena for healthy and positive competition. Within the atmosphere,peaceful interaction and knowledge exchange can occur to sustain confidence anddisperse fear and mistrust and turn the world into more creative and productive one.These concepts and terminology require an objective frameset that defines its contentsand indications that elucidate the right track and put forward the overall vision and thepractical mechanism needed for development with all its economic and socialdimensions and repercussions that are part of cultural awareness with its securityaffections. Once this happens, political harmony and civilized movement begin totake shape, the challenges turns into enablement and creativity evolves to productionbalancing between tradition and modernism not hampered by stagnation and runs intolimitless world of creativity and awareness that raises human and moral valuesystems.Value systems are ingrained in souls. Discipline is the best deterrent for low-souledpeople and the strongest sanction for those who trying to manipulate it.Human Thought OrganizationJAWAB .. Man: Value and Ethicswww.jawab.usObjective: The Revival of Human ConsciousApproach: The Human Instinct TheoryJawab International AwardFor disseminating the concept of reconciling culture under balanced human thought(For all literary, artistic works and Programs) http://glubaljawab.blogspot.com/ http://jawab96.blogspot.com/ http://www.jawab.us http://info@jawab.us

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JA\'WAB ORGANIZATION OF THOUGHT AND HUMAN CULTURE Man: Value and Ethics Objective : The Revival of Human Conscious Approach : The Human Instinct Theory work and activities Jawab International Award For disseminating the concept of reconciling culture under balanced human thought for all literary, artistic works and Programs and humanitarian action .


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