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Radius Central Park

Radius Central Park provides wonderful amenities to all the resident and it is also near to all the useful areas like Shopping Moll, IT sector, and government offices.
this information is the best for all of the Resident for more information you can visit this link

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Radius Central Park

  1. 1. Radius Central Park Chembur
  2. 2. About: Radius Central Park Chembur • Radius Central Park is the brand new creation by the reputed real estate builder Radius Developers. The accomplished architectonics in this project is being done by using the latest technologies and hence, is considered to be the most admirable address offering absolute amusement to each and every resident. The construction of Radius Central Park Chembur East is widely spread beyond wide acres of land having most charming greeneries that is entirely spread all through till your eyes can reach. • Radius Central Park is conveniently located in Chembur Mumbai and enjoys close proximity to all social facilities.Sprawling over acres of land, Radius Central Park is one of the carefully planned projects that are adorned with all the accelerating features of ultra avant garde era, enabling you to sense the exclusivity as well as character at every end.
  3. 3. Floor Plan
  4. 4. Master plan
  5. 5. Location Map
  6. 6. Kitchen
  7. 7. Bedroom
  8. 8. Contact Us: • For more information:- Call : 9739976422 And visit this website: http://www.radiuscentralparkchembur.i n/
  9. 9. Our Blog: • Visit my Blogs to know about residential apartments… • http://newresidentialproperty.tumblr.com/ • http://residentialpropertyforsaleinindia.bl ogspot.in/