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Question 4

question 4

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Question 4

  1. 1. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
  2. 2. Emaze • Emaze was my primary alternative to software such as power point. As a presentation software it is useful and easy to use. • The presentation software allowed me to develop my skills on a computer but sometimes became frustrating due to the options and settings.
  3. 3. Prezi • I used Prezi to collect my research and organise it on my blog. The software is easy to use and has a professional finish to it. The themes enabled to me to have some variety in my work.
  4. 4. InDesign • We used InDesign to construct our double page spread. This software offers a professional layout as it gives construction lines that mean everything is in line. • The software enabled us to insert our copy into columns easily and replicate real life double page spread conventions.
  5. 5. Premier • We used this software to edit our documentary, it was initially difficult to use as its functions are complicated and confusing. However we did a workshop with the technician and it became easier.
  6. 6. Word • You cant go wrong with word, simple, efficient, reliable and easy to use. The basic for presenting all pieces of work. For some of the more difficult software's I used word to write down my idea’s initially before pasting them into the alternative software. Word is good because it spell and grammar checks your work whilst also easy to read and assess.
  7. 7. Powtoon • This was the most fun of the software’s as it really allowed me to be more creative in the idea’s and the way I presented them. From sound effects to the wide variety of themes it really made it more creative. I chose this when the content was not as heavy and I chose to use more creative techniques.
  8. 8. Blogger • We used blogger to track the planning and research process of the coursework. All of our work remained organised and we could see what needed to be done. Having used this software in AS we were all able to use it easily. • One of the more time consuming elements to blogger is the changing of times and dates in order to order your work properly. But this consequently lead me to developing my time keeping skills and getting all my work done on time.
  9. 9. SoundCloud • Sound cloud was very long winded to use in order to voice my opinion. I thought it would work well as an alternative as I was actually able to physically voice my work this made it more direct and easily explainable to the listener. The downside to it was that the account making process was long and temperamental.
  10. 10. Sribd • Scribd was used as an accessory to word for my blog, being unable to just type straight onto the blog this broke down that barrier. Making it easily presentable on blogger the word documents could be displayed quickly. The major downside to it was changing and embedding links sometimes became confusing and didn’t work, also having to adjust the link to make the scribd fit was not easy and caused frustration.
  11. 11. • My main problem was getting all my work onto blogger as I had difficulties with things such as embedding.