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Volume*ROI+Love/LOL= Marketing at Back Market by Guillaume Rouby, CMO

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Guillaume Rouby (www.linkedin.com/in/guillaumerouby) is Back Market’s CMO. He is the person behind the amazing work this company did in growth and marketing, building trust with a fun and offbeat tone (check out their blog: story.backmarket.fr) and today having reached more than one million customers 

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Volume*ROI+Love/LOL= Marketing at Back Market by Guillaume Rouby, CMO

  1. 1. What are we gonna talk about? Volume*ROI+LOL/Love=Marketing What is Marketing (at Back Market) ?
  2. 2. Who is Back Market?
  3. 3. What am I fighting against ? For what am I fighting ? With which tools? What is my battle cry?
  4. 4. What am I fighting against ? With which tools? For what am I fighting ? What is my battle cry?
  5. 5. Raison d’être We rebel against…the unnecessary excess of production and manufacturing, aggravated by obsolescence in all its forms. We rewrites the rules so that…the stigma around refurbished products disappears from people’s minds and eventually they seem even sexier or superior to new products. We reorganise the sector…By making the whole value chain of the refurbishing industry (from factories to unboxing to usage) as slick, aspirational and premium as the one of new. We redistribute power by…Creating a transparent marketplace that connects buyers, sellers and quality products — focusing on people’s needs rather than manufacturer’s trends.
  6. 6. I also got questions such as: Who are your clients? What are your personas?
  7. 7. Personas what?
  8. 8. In theory = the classical way 1. You define your potential client(s) : age, gender, location, profession…blablabla 2. You ask yourself what those persona do? Are looking for? Why? Where? When? 3. You imagine your message 4. You display this message
  9. 9. Why? 1. I have financial constraints 2. I have to act fast (POC validation) 3. I know that I don’t know (room to surprises) NO PERSONA
  10. 10. 👋, We are Back Market. The first european marketplace, selling exclusively refurbished products
  11. 11. 0 1 000 000 2 000 000 3 000 000 4 000 000 Mars 2015 Juillet 2016 Novembre 2016 Juin 2017 Septembre 2017 Fin 2017 Autopublish Mobile 1st
 (>50% trafic) First TVC
 mensuelles It didn’t hurt us
  12. 12. November 2014 🍼 Launch .fr 💰 Raising of 38M€ Mai 2018 🌎 .de .es .com May 2018 📈 440M€ GMV expected for 2019 🌿 1000t DEEE Feb 2019 🎢 150 back makers December 2018 ( 500+ factories Jan 2019 It didn’t hurt us
  13. 13. Of course we adapt our message, we are funny sometimes, depending on the platform, the universe. Not exclusively on personna
  14. 14. Post on Facebook
  15. 15. Post on Instagram
  16. 16. On site
  17. 17. Conclusion At the beginning, don’t be affraid if you don’t know who you are as long as you know what is your difference At the beginning, don’t necessarily define persona. Just adopt the right tone depending on the universe/touchpoints