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The art of sales by Luca Bovone

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Luca Bovone is the founder and CEO of PROJECTS, one of the leading co-living providers in Europe. Before launching PROJECTS, Luca was one of the first hires of Dropbox in Europe. There, after opening several markets in the SMB and Mid-market segments, he focused on selling into large-scale organizations, managing to close some of Dropbox's largest deals globally.

Luca shared with us:
How to sell into large, complex, organizations?
Checklist: do I move forward with this deal or not?
How to navigate the procurement process?
Who to ask for help internally/externally?
How to get the deal closed!

Check out the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8b1sExHAVY

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The art of sales by Luca Bovone

  1. 1. The Art of Sales or “how to catch Elephants”
  2. 2. Once or twice in life, someone will give you a shot you don't quite deserve. Work 100 hours. Do whatever it takes. Make it happen.
  3. 3. Luca Bovone Currently: building the future of housing at PROJECTS. Formerly: selling software at Dropbox.
  4. 4. What is a big deal? 1
  5. 5. LB A big deal is considered > 100k in ARR.
  6. 6. phone face to face 1-6 months end user 6-24 months procurement vs vs vs salesman project managervs
  7. 7. Is this really happening? 2
  8. 8. There is a Project ongoing. There is a responsible aka your “Champion” There is budget and timeline
  9. 9. Tricks to get in the game 3
  10. 10. You need to do something extra-ordinary Be 10x faster, more detailed, more prepared Bring swag
  11. 11. Are we ready for this? 4
  12. 12. You are never really ready
  13. 13. During the deal 5 a.k.a the “POC”
  14. 14. You set-up the POC for success Interview users and deliver clear pain-solutions Fake it until you make it.
  15. 15. Continuous discovery 6
  16. 16. Your champion is your inside informer Openly ask for org structure Improve your understanding of buying process
  17. 17. Mapping the organization 6
  18. 18. vs vs vs vs your CEO - “the sponsor” you - “the salesman” your CTO / CSO your CFO / GC the more, the merrier VP / Senior Manager IT Buyer CSO / Security Buyer / Procurement The Deal Team “Them”vs
  19. 19. Yes does not mean ready to go. It means it’s just getting started. 8 a.k.a procurement’s a bitch
  20. 20. Price doesn’t mean anything until Procurement RFP / SLA / MSA… What??? Never too early to involve legal team
  21. 21. Closing 9
  22. 22. “never gonna happen” “wow, they like our product” “not sure the POC will be successful” “they said yes!!! Imma be a millionaire” “you celebrated too early procurement’s here” !!!
  23. 23. Keep 1 bomb for the last minute “CEO magic” Basically, do whatever it takes
  24. 24. The Aftermath 10 a.k.a haters gonna hate
  25. 25. Be ready for an internal blowback Always get the reference Work continues: support, deployment, training
  26. 26. Big deals: project management vs. salesmanship 1 Make sure to check it is, actually , happening 2 You’re not ready for this. That’s ok. 4 Do the extra-ordinary to get into the game 3 Fake it until you make it. You make POC to success. 5 Continuous discovery is your ongoing task 6 The deal team vs. them. The more, the merrier 7 A yes means you’re just getting started. 8 The aftermath: hard part is over, but job continues 10 9Close it, whatever it takes.
  27. 27. Thank you. Luca Bovone luca@weareprojects.com