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Mixing Product & Tech by Jean Lebrument, CTO & CPO at Brigad

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Brigad connects hospitality businesses with qualified & flexible staff.
Jean is Brigad’s co-founder, CTO & CPO, managing four teams: Product, Engineering, Quality and Data. Yes, all at the same time :)

He will share both his experience from 3 years of handling these functions, what he learned in the process & his beliefs about the mix: Should all startups have a CPO & a CTO?

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Mixing Product & Tech by Jean Lebrument, CTO & CPO at Brigad

  1. 1. WORK YOUR WAY. 11/07/2019 - D-Code at TheFamily
  2. 2. Brigad? We match businesses with vetted temp staff in the hospitality industry. Currently available in 6 cities in France and in the UK. 4000+ freelancers / 1500+ businesses 70 employees
  3. 3. My role Co-founder, CPO & CTO I’m in charge of Product, Tech, Data and QA ~30 people by the end of the year 4 direct reports
  4. 4. My background Geeking since 13 y.o. First real production done at 16 y.o. (and still live!) Epitech master degree Worked in different startups Tried to launch different projects prior to Brigad.
  6. 6. Extremely efficient for Seed / Serie A Mastering 80/20 decisions Ability to split large features into small iterations. Find quick wins that have a strong impact on the business. Limiting technical debt while remaining lean. Pros
  7. 7. Easy to balance your product debt vs technical debt You're responsible for both Exit long debate to prioritize technical debt among features. Knowledge about debt which is the most harmful for the business. Balancing the Build vs buy dilemma. Pros
  8. 8. You can’t run daily operations You build a team of doers with managers Your impact as a solo contributor is very limited. You need to build a team of doers and managers and it has a cost. But it forces you to structure your team which usually is a weakness during early stage phases. Challenges
  9. 9. Brain gymnastic on different topics. Staying ahead of the curve Constantly switching from one topic to another. You need to keep track of internal and external factors of your company. But they are complementary and help you to make global decisions. Challenges
  10. 10. HOW DOES IT SCALE?
  11. 11. Scenario #1 Focusing on company strategy and board level. Impacting the product & tech vision. VPs own each vertical. Voice of the “tech” departments at the board. Good way to step back as a co-founder. Critical size needed to be impactful and not overlapping VPs.
  12. 12. Scenario #2 Splitting the CPO and CTO roles Focusing on one of them, being more impactful. Opportunity to hire someone complementary. Can be a good intermediate step. Less impact on the overall organization. Risk of misalignments between CPO and CTO.
  14. 14. CTO & CPO ? Depends on the mindset I'm a generalist with a technical background I broadcast the vision toward teams and scale the global organization
  15. 15. CTO & CPO ? “The company is a network, people are nodes, discussions are APIs” Henri Asseily
  16. 16. CTO & CPO ? Depends on the project B2B Marketplace with low volume intensity Main challenges are UX, Automation and Data Science
  17. 17. CTO & CPO ? IAAS, SAAS and Open-Source technologies make building and running of software easier.
  18. 18. HAPPY TO TALK ABOUT IT jean@brigad.co