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"Let's cut the blabla and talk about HR" by Lauren Lindh @ Cherry Ventures

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A startup is just a crazy vision until someone makes it happen.
When you're starting out and you have nothing, what really makes the difference are the people in your team. ✨

At TheFamily, we see time and time again that finding & retaining the right talent is one of the biggest pain for entrepreneurs.
Never mind that working for a startup today is sexy. When you're in the midst of growth and chaos, you need an exceptional team to hold it all together. ✊

So if people are your #1 asset, let's talk seriously about HR 
Join us to hear Lauren Lindh, Head of Talent Acquisition at Cherry Ventures, share her best tips & tools for hiring your A-team.

Lauren is responsible for supporting Cherry and portfolio companies with everything HR-related. Before that, Lauren worked at McKinsey & Co., Egon Zehnder International and Rocket Internet, both in Brazil and Germany, supporting different ventures with recruiting across different regions.

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"Let's cut the blabla and talk about HR" by Lauren Lindh @ Cherry Ventures

  1. 1. Let’s  cut  the  blábláblá  and  talk  about  HR Workshop  Cherry  Ventures  &  TheFamily
  2. 2. Hi,  hallo,  oi!   •  From  São  Paulo,  Brazil •  Bs  in  InternaHonal  RelaHons  &  Ms  in  Strategic  People  Management •  Previous  employers  -­‐  McKinsey  &  Co.,  Egon  Zehnder  Int,  Rocket  Internet  (in  SP  &  Berlin) •  Living  in  Berlin  since  mid    2015  (and  loving  it,  really)   •  In  HR/TA  since  2010 •  “Discovered”  the  start-­‐up  world  in  2014   •  Placed  200+  candidates  worldwide   •  Currently  at  Cherry  Ventures  (German  VC  fund  of  eur150MM,  25+  poraolio  companies)   in  Berlin  supporHng  with  Talent  AcquisiHon  and  HR,  also  for  the  poraolio.  
  3. 3. Why  HR? •  HR   is   much   more   than   “just   the   payroll”   >   it’s   training,   hiring,   administraHve,   your   employer  branding,  people  development,  culture,  it  is  people  –  and  should  be  heard •  When  should  a  start  up  hire  an  HR?   •  If  you  already  have  an  HR,  work  alongside  with  them  strategically  –  it’s  very  likely  they   will  know  your  people  beFer  than  you   •  Make  Hme  for  it  and  to  work  on  your  culture  and  values  –  that’s  your  employer  branding   •  During  very  early  stage,  it’s  likely  the  founders  will  split  acHviHes  and  cover  HR  acHviHes.    
  4. 4. Talent  AcquisiHon •  It  is  Talent  Management,  not  only  RecruiHng •  Planning  &  Strategy •  Excellence  of  processes   •  Clear  hiring  process:   1.  Real  understanding  of  the  need   2.  RealisHc  job  descripHon 3.  Clear  parHcipaHon  of  the  hiring  manager  (Hme/effort) 4.  PosHng  and  Sourcing   5.  Aligned  interview  steps  with  hiring  managers   6.  Feedbacks!   7.  Hiring •  Filling   a   posiHon   successfully   is   understanding   the   posiHon   clearly,   the   real   needs   of   the   hiring,  the  candidate’s  profile  and  experience  and  both  sides  expectaHons.  Your  candidate,   who  wasn’t  hired  today,  can  be  your  hiring  in  the  future  >  KEEP  NETWORKING  
  5. 5. People  OperaHons •  Employee  development   •  Working  environment  –  culture  and  values   •  Employer  branding   •  Benefits   •  Proper  onboarding  and  oOoarding   •  Employee  retenHon       •  Having   someone   in-­‐house   leads   to   a   consistent   process   of   all   of   the   menHoned  above  and  the  anHcipaHon  of    future  needs  and  improvements  
  6. 6. Interview  Hps During  the  interview  process,  have  in  mind  simple  quesHons  such  as:     •  Can  they  do  the  job?   •  Do  they  have  the  necessary  skills?   •  Who  are  they?   •  Will  they  fit  in?     Some  Hps:       •  Ask  mulHple  quesHons  to  validate  if  informaHon  are  accurate     •  You  can  provide  a  quick  business  case  on  the  spot  to  understand  strategic   thinking/logic   •  Request  facts  and  examples  of  accomplishments     •  Ask  what  she/he  knows  about  your  company  and  if  any  quesHons  are  le[   •  Prepare  yourself  differently  to  each  candidate  and  create  specific  quesHons   •  Really  read  the  CV  of  the  candidate  in  advance  (please!)   •  Do  some  research  on  former  employers  of  the  candidate  before  the  talk   •  Always  give  a  feedback  to  the  candidate!    
  7. 7. Some  useful  tools  &  channels  (1/2) •  Recruitee   •  Workable   •  Jobvite   •  Lever   •  Avature   •  Breezy   •  Recruiterbox   •  BambooHR   •  Greenhouse •  BambooHR   •  Greenhouse   •  Personio   •  HeavenHR   •  So[garden   •  Workday   ATS:     HRIS:    
  8. 8. Some  useful  tools  &  channels  (2/2) •  LinkedIn   •  Xing   •  Facebook     •  Techcrunch   •  MeetUp   •  Medium   •  Producthunt   •  Networking!     •  Events!   •  Email     •  Skype   •  Whatsapp   •  Facebook   •  Hangout   •  iMessage   •  Slack   Sourcing:   CommunicaHon:    
  9. 9. Wrap-­‐up  and  Q&A •  Transparency  is  core  in  an  organizaHon   •  Hire  smart  people  (or  train  the  average)   •  When  providing  training,  first  try  to  summon  someone  from  inside  the  organizaHon •  Work  on  ways  of  lerng  your  employees/team  engaged  and  inspired   •  Internal  referrals  are  always  a  good  thing  -­‐  share  your  openings  internally •  Most  of  people  don’t  quit  their  jobs,  they  quit  their  leader  –  extremely  important  to  lead  by  example   …  and  the  founder  and  core  members  should  be  this  example •  When  hiring  a  candidate,  determine  what’s  required  for  him/her  to  make  a  change  today:  a  CV  is  a   picture  of  their  past  and  doens’t  necessarily  mean  that  he/she  wants  the  same  role  >  ALWAYS  align   expectaHons.     •  Q&A!  
  10. 10. Thanks!   Thanks  everyone  and  here  are  my  contacts:   Lauren  Lindh E-­‐mail:  lauren@cherry.vc LinkedIn:  www.linkedin.com/in/laurenlindh