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Les Barbares Attaquent le Retail ! Par Oussama Ammar

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À moins d'y faire du showrooming, les clients désertent progressivement les magasins. La baisse des prix, la facilité d'achat et le nombre important de produits disponibles ont permis au commerce en ligne de concurrencer la vente en détail. Si pour certains tout laisse à croire que le commerce physique est voué à disparaître, ce n'est pas l'avis des Barbares!

- De nouveaux acteurs apparaissent dans le secteur du retail

- L'expérience d'achat a été profondément modifiée

- Case studies: Apple Store, Burberry... Et si l'entertainment était la clé?

Le logiciel a une valeur à ajouter à l'ensemble de l'expérience d'achat en magasin. La collecte de données dans le magasin ainsi que la connexion des magasins entre eux permettent de personnaliser l'accueil, les conseils, d'adapter l'offre en temps réel et d'intégrer plus rapidement les retours des consommateurs. Les barbares attaquent de front le retail en dépassant la dichotomie qui oppose le e-commerce au commerce physique. Ils inventent le commerce de demain : le commerce connecté!

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Les Barbares Attaquent le Retail ! Par Oussama Ammar

  1. 1. LE RETAIL !
  2. 2. z TREND 1 Enablement through Technology
  3. 3. Customer opinion & reputation in retail are O LD
  4. 4. The difference is that ever yone can access it now
  5. 5. Consumers are better informed and more demanding than ever. Blogs, social networking, price comparison and travel sites allow them to uncover the truth about brands. Brands that fail to provide impeccable service will be exposed.
  6. 6. Reducing cost by empowerment: Self Checkout
  7. 7. Same-day deliver y
  8. 8. eBay Now - Local deliver y in about an hour
  9. 9. z TREND 2 Support the time-starved consumer
  10. 10. Today, time is a luxury. Half of US consumers now say that a lack of time is a bigger problem than a lack of money.
  11. 11. Concierge Ser vices Are Becoming Familiar
  12. 12. Door­to­door luggage delivery services help time­starved travellers avoid lines at check­in.
  13. 13. A site called City Servant in the UK offers a whole range of services, from supermarket shopping to dry cleaning. Just fill in the form online and at one click a concierge comes to your aid.
  14. 14. Explosion of the hacking life litterature. Optimization is an obession.
  15. 15. z TREND 3 One size fit all is DEAD
  16. 16. Era of Renting
  17. 17. Was buying an accidental form of transaction in histor y?
  18. 18. YFind uses WiFi-powered technology to gain insight about where customers are spending time on the store floor, and helps them to assess: • What retail layouts are working • Identifying regular customers • Tracking customer habits
  19. 19. Recommendation algorithms
  20. 20. 3D Printing
  21. 21. Ecommerce keeps growing
  22. 22. In 2008, retailers invested only 2% of their revenue in technology while most other industries invested two to three times that much. Amazon.com amassed annual sales of $60 billion, six times the online sales of its nearest U.S competitor, Walmart.
  23. 23. Case: Walmar t transformation
  24. 24. Marketplace explosion
  25. 25. Oppor tunities are ever y where
  26. 26. z TREND 4 Marc Andreeseen and the death of retail
  27. 27. I don’t agree I don’t agree
  28. 28. The Burberr y case
  29. 29. Apple Store Apple Store
  30. 30. Retail is becoming more and more an experience
  31. 31. Rebir th of the enter tainment in shopping
  32. 32. Shopping tomorrow will be about discovery & experience
  33. 33. z TREND 5 Backend Revolution
  34. 34. Payment with data
  35. 35. Accounting Made Easy Accounting made easy
  36. 36. https://angel.co/vend Vend: First Class Stock Management
  37. 37. The Shopify Effect
  38. 38. E-commerce sites don’t have customers
  39. 39. The Google AdWords drama
  40. 40. Dollar Shave Club
  41. 41. Emergence of Social Commerce?
  42. 42. Conclusion
  43. 43. You are Welcome to Join the Adventure disruption@thefamily.co