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Javascript fatigue? Domain-driven design to the rescue ⛑️

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The software landscape is changing rapidly, especially in the JavaScript world. There are tons of new tools, a fear of obsolescence, constant ecosystem change, too many choices… 樂

Building long-lasting software is becoming harder and harder as the average lifespan of libraries and frameworks is becoming shorter and shorter. As a business, you don't want to have your engineering department spending all their time doing upkeep. You want them to create value for your customers ❤️

Bastien Duret (https://twitter.com/bast0che) is VP of Engineering at Inato (https://inato.com/). He was confronted with these two problems, and has been experimenting with an approach to software development called Domain-Driven Design (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Domain-driven_design), based on the book by Eric Evans.

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Javascript fatigue? Domain-driven design to the rescue ⛑️

  1. 1. Javascript fatigue? Domain-driven design to the rescue AI-powered patient recruitment Bastien Duret @bast0che
  2. 2. Agenda - Problem: software rot - Solution: domain-driven design
  3. 3. Relevancy of your technical stack
  4. 4. The State of Javascript: Front-End Source: https://stateofjs.com/ 2016 2018
  5. 5. The State of Javascript: Data Layer Source: https://stateofjs.com/
  6. 6. Familiarity of your team with your codebase
  7. 7. Source: https://twitter.com/CarloPescio/status/1070288772586192897 Software entropy +10% YoY
  8. 8. Iterative development
  9. 9. Performance of your engineering team
  10. 10. The usual solution: THE BIG REWRITE Source: https://twitter.com/thepracticaldev/status/715623065078644738
  11. 11. Don’t try this at home: MICROSERVICES REWRITE
  12. 12. Domain-driven design YOUR DOMAIN THE REST UBIQUITOUS LANGUAGE Discussed using
  13. 13. Ubiquitous language Our domain, on the walls Patients recruited over time
  14. 14. Getting rid of primitive data types Value object
  15. 15. Layered architecture YOUR DOMAIN THE REST
  16. 16. From an anemic domain model... Fields, but no behavior Business rule Database query
  17. 17. ...to an isolated domain layer Entity Repository
  18. 18. Separation of concerns: back-end A use-case
  19. 19. Separation of concerns: front-end
  20. 20. It is worth it With Domain-Driven DesignIT projects in the wild
  21. 21. Javascript fatigue? Domain-driven design to the rescue AI-powered patient recruitment Bastien Duret @bast0che