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"From Vision to KPIs" by GetYourGuide's Co-Founder & COO Tao Tao

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As a founder, everything you do should be informed by your "why", the mission you're set out to do. This helps you keep a clear strategy throughout, which in turn impacts how you define your KPIs and enact your culture. In this presentation Tao highlights important principles they followed at GYG which helped them keep an eye on the larger picture while executing for hyper-scale.

GetYourGuide is world's largest online platform for booking travel activities. The founders got the idea when they were in university, spending the first years semi-bootstrapping and doing everything themselves. Today it's 15M monthly active users and $170 in total funding.

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"From Vision to KPIs" by GetYourGuide's Co-Founder & COO Tao Tao

  1. 1. From vision to KPIs The Family, May 2nd 2018
  2. 2. May 2018 Strategy OKRs & KPIs People Supports Vision Structure Processes Culture Mission
  3. 3. May 2018 Mission: Why do we exist? Elements of a good vision ● Aspirational & valuable ● Very long or infinite time horizon ● Last credible answer in a chain of “why” questions ● May evolve over time Common mistakes ● It’s a not a brand slogan
  4. 4. May 2018 Vision: Painting a desirable future Elements of a good vision ● 5-10 years time horizon Other Comments ● More important to have clear mission + strategy
  5. 5. May 2018 Strategy: The consistent path in the fog of war Elements of a good strategy ● 12-24 months time horizon ● Real-world business outcome that is targeted and important ● Financial outcome that is targeted ● Not too detailed to leave room for changes in tactics ● Lays out principles of operations ● Clear prioritized steps and milestones to achieve the strategy ● Supported by (some) data Common mistakes ● Not having one ● Too tactical ● Too broad (“Grow”) ● Lack of focus ● follow bad external advice, e.g. "Internationalization", "China strategy", etc.
  6. 6. May 2018 Structure: Structure Follows Strategy Elements of a good structure ● Clear trade-offs between mission and functional (skills) lines ● Clear ownership ● Cross-functional where appropriate ● Follows some best practices Common mistakes ● Building structure around people instead of hiring people around a structure ● Politics ● Overhead (Too many managers with fewer than 4 direct reports) ● Not changed regularly ● Getting creativeOther Comments ● Further reading: High Output Management
  7. 7. May 2018 OKRs & KPIs: Can’t manage what you can’t measure Elements of a good KPIs ● Ideally cascading KPIs from the top ● Everybody should know their personal 2 most important KPIs when you wake them at 1am at night Common mistakes ● “My work can’t be measured” ● Too many non-customer-centric KPIs ● Weird, made-up KPIs Elements of a good OKRs ● Watch the Google Ventures video on OKRs Common mistakes ● So many
  8. 8. May 2018 Processes: German efficiency Elements of a good process: ● Simple ● Deliberate process design principles Common mistakes ● Too many processes ● Becoming a slave of your own processes
  9. 9. May 2018 Culture: Culture eats strategy for breakfast Elements of a “good” culture: ● 80% descriptive, 20% aspirational ● Lays our values and desirable behaviors ● Owned by all employees ● Update regularly Common mistakes ● Not authentic ● Not specific ● Leaders don’t lead by example ● Not owned by everyone
  10. 10. May 2018Operations Structure Enjoy the journey