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"Driving Adoption for your Startup" by Emil Martinsek, VP of Product & Growth

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Launching a product with market-fit is just one piece of putting together a successful startup. Driving adoption is often the real test!

The secret? A strong focus on viable growth channels and a culture that embraces impact today rather than in the future. A key success to growth at GetYourGuide and other startups has been exploiting inefficiencies of channels and competitors. This session covers a basic framework for finding inefficiencies, positioning the product, and exploiting both to create a scaling and viable startup.

Emil Martinsek is the VP of Product & Growth at GetYourGuide where his team is working to disrupt the tours and activities industry and help customers turn their trips into amazing experiences. His previous work includes over six years at Expedia launching products to U.S. and European travellers and three years at the forward-thinking Accenture Technology Labs.

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"Driving Adoption for your Startup" by Emil Martinsek, VP of Product & Growth

  1. 1. Driving Adoption A few stories and principles of growth Emil Martinsek
  2. 2. Customer Focus
  3. 3. Building a car? Or a faster horse?
  4. 4. Positioning (Who?) Designing (What?) Operating (How?)
  5. 5. Who?
  6. 6. Need X Need Y Need Z Focus Customer Segment A Customer Segment B Customer Segment C Who?
  7. 7. Product attributes Customer attributes Reach Default advantages, default disadvantages Core customer motivations Do they give you enough reach? Who?
  8. 8. Who?
  9. 9. Who? & What?
  10. 10. What?
  11. 11. Startup Activation Growth One or more houses in your portfolio What?
  12. 12. Customer Needs Constraints Assumptions What problem must I solve? Technical, industry What must I validate after launch? What?
  13. 13. What?
  14. 14. What?
  15. 15. How?
  16. 16. Culture How?
  17. 17. Follow your customer Get it “right” before moving on How?
  18. 18. Qualitative Quantitative Test Do not outsource talking to customers Data over opinions AB Test (if you can) How?
  19. 19. Wait! What about concrete marketing tricks? Ignore hype Go where your customers can meet you Change the rules How?
  20. 20. How? Your adventure may vary