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Track and Re-plan the Project

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Once your project is underway, it's important to check for any issues, change requests or risks that could impact on project success. Use our three-step process to track and re-plan your project.

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Track and Re-plan the Project

  2. 2. Why should I track and re- plan my project? The project is underway. Everything seems to be going well.
  3. 3. To find the issues or unexpected challenges that have arisen as your team works on the project
  4. 4. And, more importantly
  5. 5. Come up with solutions and a new plan for project success.
  6. 6. What is involved? 2. Find & Manage Exceptions 3. Re-plan the project 1. Check progress
  7. 7. Use your collaborative project site to check status updates, reports, overdue work and any other areas of importance. 1. Check and Understand Project Progress Talk to your team about their progress and challenges. Hold team meetings to check issues, review upcoming work and celebrate success.
  8. 8. Exceptions such as issues, risks and change requests should be identified before you re-plan. 2. Find and Manage Exceptions Think about the impact of dealing with these exceptions on your timeline. Talk to your team and project sponsor before making any major changes.
  9. 9. Update the project definition and re-assign work if necessary. Let the team know about these changes. 3. Re-plan the Project Inform your stakeholders about the new plan. Update your project site to reflect these changes and any new project management processes.
  10. 10. How do I get started? 1
  11. 11. START: Apply some of these suggestions to your current project. EVOLVE: Once you have experienced success with these suggestions, use more on your next project.
  12. 12. Collaborative Project Management Handbook Download our free for more tips and advice