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  1. 1. SOA ™ Unified SOA software and Cloud Services Governance for IBM SOA Software’s Products are Unified, Policy-based, and Enterprise-class. REPOSITORY SERVICE MANAGER MANAGER Use SOA Software for: Policy and Portfolio Management for WSRR PORTFOLIO P OLI C Y Centralized DataPower MANAGER MANAGER ™ Governance Mainframe SOA for CICS and IMS SOLA SOLA DEVELOPER CICS ® IMS Rational WSRR DataPower ® Process Server www.SOA.com/IBM
  2. 2. IBM Product SOA Software Added Value WebSphere Message Broker Dynamic discovery, policy enforcement, implementation, and monitoring WebSphere Application Server Policy enforcement, implementation, and monitoring WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances Policy and service lifecycle management Configuration and monitoring integration WebSphere Service Registry Repository Governance Federation WebSphere Process Server/ESB Dynamic policy enforcement and monitoring Dynamic policy discovery, implementation, binding, and endpoint resolution Rational Application Developer Easy access from the popular IDE to assets and services stored in Repository Manager Rational ClearCase/ClearQuest Automated asset assembly to Repository Manager based on SDLC triggers Seamless artifact access to services and other assets stored in this system of record Portfolio Manager™ Service Manager™ for IBM WSRR for IBM WebSphere DataPower Ensure That Services in WSRR Align With Plan and Priority Extend WSRR with policy automation for DataPower • SOA Planning Governance for WSRR • Automatically configure DataPower to host and route • Automated Asset harvesting from a wide range of source services registered in WSRR systems • Define policies in WSRR and automatically apply them to • Flexible graphical planning governance process services distributed across multiple DataPower appliances management • Manage a cluster of DataPower appliances as a single • Easy identification of candidate services entity • Intuitive SOA roadmap definition, prioritization and • Gain visibility into service and appliance performance, management individual messages, and business transactions from a • Ensures that SOA portfolio management remains a single administration console continuous dynamic process • Monitor and enforce SLAs registered in WSRR for services • Publish candidate services directly to WSRR distributed across a cluster of appliances generating alerts • Discover assets from WSRR for faults, performance issues, and security violations Policy Manager™ for IBM WSRR SOLA™ Provide consistent governance by extending WSRR control to Leverage Mainframe assets by exposing them as Web services non-IBM environments • Runs entirely on the Mainframe ensuring reliability and • Heterogeneous SOA Policy Federation for WSRR performance • Expose WSRR managed policies via WS-Metadata • Processes XML 10X faster than any other Mainframe solution Exchange and WS-Resource Transfer Services • Requires no coding or scripting • Active contract management • Offers seamless integration with Policy Manager and - Manages relationships between consumers and Service Manager for Governance Automation providers • Provides web 2.0 enabled development tools that run in a • Collect, process and distribute monitoring data browser – no desktop software to install or maintain • Closed-loop auditing for WSRR services • Delivers flexible standards-based security implementing WS-Security and WS-Policy • Allows the mainframe to act as a client as a well as a service provider 310.570.4100 | soa.com | Copyright © 2010 SOA Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved. | Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice.