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Zloadr : Creative Digital Marketing Agency - Credentials

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Zloadr : Creative Digital Marketing Agency - Credentials

We produce enjoyable, informative viral content and distribute it; help our clients reach the audiences that matter most to them and we do it by listening, creating material and delivering their message through social media, relationships we have built with influencers and via our in-house magazines.

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Zloadr : Creative Digital Marketing Agency - Credentials

  1. 1. Creative Digital Media Agency Agency Credentials Zloadr
  2. 2. Is to help our clients reach the audiences that matter most to them. OUR MISSION
  3. 3. Producing enjoyable and informative viral content, which has meaning and gets conversations started. AND WE DO IT BY
  4. 4. IS IT MAGIC?... NO!
  5. 5. OUR FORMULA IS SIMPLE Listen to the client; create material that packs a punch and deliver it to the targeted audience, through the appropriate channels and mediums.
  6. 6. Our Services Conversations Content Creation Advertorials Product Integration Promotion & Story Units Custom Social Posts Public Relations Classified Ads Sponsorship Influencer Outreach Infographic Outreach Social Discovery Event PR & Management Publishing PPC BUT FIRST WE THINK Of creative solutions to benefit the client
  7. 7. Clear, Powerful and Strong THEN CREATE THE CONTENT
  8. 8. AND THEN WE DELIVER Via the best channels, ensuring the message is received.
  9. 9. SO WHO ARE WE?
  10. 10. A INTERNATIONAL CREATIVE Media Agency run by 2 Seasoned Professionals, Ex-journalists & Creators Sam Enrico Steve Ennico
  11. 11. AND WE’VE WORKED WITH Some of the best in their industries...
  12. 12. We produce, publish and deliver content to a huge categorized army of readers each month, who are patiently waiting to hear your message. WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT?
  13. 13. GET IN TOUCH! Need more information about us: www.zloadr.com If you want to talk: +44 207 164 6406 / business@zloadr.com Zloadr is a UK based Creative Digital Media Agency
  14. 14. Thank you We hope to hear from you soon...!