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Using Color to Convey Data in Charts

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Consider your data when choosing a color palette for your charts and graphs. This presentation explains the 3 main types of color palettes, shows examples of how they are using in charts, and explains how to use color when you make your charts interactive.

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Using Color to Convey Data in Charts

  1. 1. Data-Driven Color Choices for Charts
  2. 2. Can color improve the usability of my charts? Data-driven color choices for charts2
  3. 3. Data-driven color choices for charts3 Categorical or Qualitative Sequential Diverging (Two sequentials) Palettes by Stephen Few
  4. 4. Qualitative Color Palette Data-driven color choices for charts4 In a qualitative color palette, each color is used to identify a specific type of data. Dribbble user Radium
  5. 5. Sequential Color Palette Data-driven color choices for charts5 In sequential color palettes, a single hue intensifies to represent fixed incremental changes. Dribbble user Vladesign
  6. 6. Diverging Color Palette Data-driven color choices for charts6 Diverging color palettes feature two colors that grow in intensity, away from each other. Dribbble user Ben Garratt
  7. 7. Perceptual Uniformity Data-driven color choices for charts7 Color palettes have fixed ratios which add a layer of analogy to your data, something your viewers value. Proof by Kenneth Moreland @Sandia
  8. 8. Color Palette Tools for Making Charts Data-driven color choices for charts8 Color Brewer Generate and evaluate palette effectiveness Color Gradient Finding saturation level values to use Adobe Kuler Try, create, and save various color schemes
  9. 9. Color with Interactive Charts Data-driven color choices for charts9 Line: #96FEEF Node: #A5B6B1 Bars: #6597A2 Tooltip: #54ced4 Consider the saturation of your palette with hover effects. Consider the alpha (opacity) level of your tooltips when they are large.
  10. 10. Important Questions to Ask When Implementing Colors Data-driven color choices for charts10 • Which palette type best fits your data’s dimensions? • Which colors will you use within the palette? • Can saturation be used without disrupting concentration? • Will alpha or transparency help show off chart elements?
  11. 11. More on Color Data-driven color choices for charts11 Read More http://www.zingchart.com/blog/2014/08/25/color- charts/ Try it out your colors http://www.zingchart.com/try