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10 Cursive Fonts to Add a Seductive Tone to your Designs

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The original purpose of cursive writing was to create a writing style that had a joined, flowing script to create a smoother and faster way to write. While the handwritten style has fallen to the sidelines with the rise of computers, it has seen resurgence as brands use it to look fancy.
Nowadays, you are more likely to associate cursive handwriting with old-fashioned handwritten love letters, the upper class, and elegant perfume brands! Any designers seeking to add a personal, handwritten touch to a brand needs to consider a cursive font as opposed to other typography fonts. Luckily, we’ve piled together a list of cursive fonts that has caught our eye.

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10 Cursive Fonts to Add a Seductive Tone to your Designs

  1. 1. (17%)) 1 0 Designed by Rob Leuschke. A great option for use on invitations and as a display typeface. gaemzcig. /° Designed by Graham Meade. An extravagant cursive font that bursts out of its lines with bold swishes and trills. Designed by Callie Renee Roberson. A sweet font that looks great on invitations. 9 Designed by Mans Greback. A beautiful font for wedding invitations or romantic love letters. axue. V5-M/7: Designed by Pia Frauss. A homage to the author Jane Austen, writer of the renowned Pride and Prejudice novel. Cursive Ton ts Designed by Pablo Impallari. Creates a friendly, informal look. Gfiézmea’ @a% Designed by Billy Argel. A handwritten font that’s perfect for an elegant touch. @4naaz/ nefzfiféocoms Designed by Maelle. K. Perfect for any candy branding, it’s classy and stylish. 7/mm dam Designed by James T. Edmondson. A refreshing font that looks nice in smaller and bigger sizes. Designed by Hypefonts. A retro — looking font that’s perfect for a “forever”. http: // www. fontspace. com/ typesetit/ allura http: // wvvw. fontspace. com/ pablo-impallari/ dancing-script http : // www. dafont. com/ freebooter-script. font http: / / www. urbanfonts. com / fonts / Blessed_Day. htm http : / / www. urbanfonts. com / fonts / Callie_Hand. htm http: / / www. dafont. com/ karine—aime—1es—chocolats. font http: // www. fontspace. com/ m%C3%A5ns—greb%C3%A4ck/ impregna- ble-personal-use—only http: // www. losttype. com/ f0nt/ ?name= wisdom%20script http: / / www. pia-frauss. de / fonts / ja. htm http: // wwvv. fontspace. com/ hypefonts/ diamond-dust f / ZILLIIJNDESIBNS 9' @Z| LL|0N| ]ES| GNS in / COMPANY/ ZILLIUNDESIGNS ZlLL'ION DESlGNS 8* + ZILLIUNDESIGNS