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Transmedia Storytelling: Trends for 2014

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Presentation to EraTransmidia, Sao Paulo, Brazil on 5th Dec 2012.

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Transmedia Storytelling: Trends for 2014

  1. 1. • Moments not platforms • Remarkable stories • Fiction vs reality
  2. 2. “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away”
  3. 3. Phase 2: ARG (Becky’s website ) Graphic Novel clues reward Email invitation to attend with event details Code found in clues Unlocked URLs screening Code found in clues instruction URL Live streaming GPS of secret location Our Video instruction Reward! Phase 1: ARG sites & Puzzle Reward! Website (“History of Colour”) Reward! UG Video uploaded Online Rabbit hole Cinema screening URL to main site filmed Business Cards Bar codes (newspapers etc) Conclusion on same night Phase One: Two Months Phase Two: Two Months Real World Live performance
  4. 4. Live event minutes 5 mins to 1 day minutes Flyer minutes lunchtime the day after Text a character minutes Main Website Registration Graphic novel (PDF) lunchtime the day after Graphic novel (PDF)
  5. 5. Collaborative Authoring Environment YOU Content Management System Metrics & Reporting Audience Management Publishing System Event Monitoring Gaming and Interactive Story Engine invisible to audience visible to audience Facebook YouTube Twitter SMS Mobile Apps Web Apps Devices (e.g. RFID) Email AUDIENCE SaaS
  6. 6. Individual Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Team 1 Everyone Team 2
  7. 7. Experience Layer Narrative Layer OMG! I can’t believe that!! JOHN is very ANGRY Presentation Layer SEND a TEXT message Interactive Layer IF this happens THEN… @robpratten
  8. 8. Original price: $1. Final price: $88. http://significantobjects.com
  9. 9. We sold for $128.74 Investment $3612.51 Return $128.74 worth of thrift-store junk $3,612.51
  10. 10. NFC tagging app
  11. 11. The AirPi is an automatic air quality & weather monitoring device powered by a Raspberry Pi  temperature, humidity, air pressure, light levels, UV levels, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and smoke level http://airpi.es/
  12. 12. CO affects • character’s mood • tone of tweets & blog posts • game difficulty?
  13. 13. Taking the consumer on an emotional journey goes from moment to moment