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  1. 1. Universiti Sains MalaysiaHXE302/4 – LinguisticsII (Semantics)Tutorial - 1
  2. 2. What is semantics?What is semantics?Semantics - Aclassroom in whichmeanings are discussed(Actually, this is just adoor. The classroom ison the other side of thedoor.)
  3. 3. Provide an explanation tothe following conceptsand terms:SemanticsSemioticsSentence (word) meaningSpeaker meaningSenseReferenceDenotation
  4. 4. Write down in yourown definition of theword ‘meaning’ .
  5. 5. How could you describe each of thefollowing uses of the word ‘mean’? It’s a good job he doesn’t know what‘malaka’ means. He didn’t mean to hurt you. Her life lost all the meaning. The red flag means its dangerous to swim. I’m sure she didn’t mean to pour olive oilin your hair.
  6. 6.  I think that means she isn’t comingback. ‘Irony is the gab between what is saidand what is meant’. A stalling car may mean a tune-up. It wasn’t what he said but what hemeant.
  7. 7.  What does the German word Hundmeans? Those clouds mean rain. Calligraphy means beautifulhandwriting. Mean it? I didn’t even say it.
  8. 8. The word ‘mean’ can be applied to people who uselanguage,i.e. to speakers on roughly the sense of‘intend’. (speaker meaning)And it can be applied to words and sentences in adifferent sense, roughly expressed as ‘beequivalent’.(sentence or word meaning) Do the following two English sentences mean(approximately) the same thing?I’ll be back later.I will return after some time.
  9. 9. Which of the following items tend to illustrate sentenceWhich of the following items tend to illustrate sentencemeaning and which illustrate speaker meaning?meaning and which illustrate speaker meaning? A bachelor is an unmarried man. A red light means stop. My feet are killing me. I could eat a horse. Don’t bite my head off.
  10. 10. Provide a semantic meaning and a pragmaticProvide a semantic meaning and a pragmaticmeaning for the underlined words:meaning for the underlined words:Mike and Annie are in the living room.Mike asks Annie whether she’d like to eatdinner in the living room or the kitchen.Annie replies: its cold here.How was the party?Don’t ask!