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ZOMDir tour

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This tour is a small tour which shows you the potential of ZOMDir.com

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ZOMDir tour

  1. 1. Hi, this is a smalltour which showsyou the potentialof ZOMDir.com
  2. 2. ZOMDir is a directory and a wiki,somewhat similar to Wikipedia
  3. 3. Everything iseditable
  4. 4. Edit links
  5. 5. Click a pencil to edit or remove a linkNote that removing a link is aone click action. Gone is gone
  6. 6. Simply add a link by clicking the“Add the missing link” buttonAdding a link is free,there is no submission fee
  7. 7. Even easier, youcan add a link usingdrag and dropTip: To remove a link,drop it on me
  8. 8. 2. Find out where yourlovely website is1. See, the page history inyour favorite newsreaderThese tools help you tomonitor your additions
  9. 9. Edit thestructureThe structure is based onsubjects and locations
  10. 10. Depending on the place in thehierarchy you might change thevisibility and or the hierarchy
  11. 11. Via the History you will be able to1. “unhide” the hidden items2. “repair” the original hierarchy
  12. 12. Easily expand the structure byadding a subject or a location
  13. 13. Edit a text
  14. 14. There are more than100 editable textsI prefer these“underwater”texts
  15. 15. Isn’t itamazing?
  16. 16. Don’tworry, thereare restorebuttons
  17. 17. ZOMDir is available inmore than 180 languages.Each language should beconsidered as a separatedirectoryPlease helptranslatingthese texts
  18. 18. There are some handy links to helpyou navigate the directoryNote that the subject indexwill be updated automatically
  19. 19. There are two important rules:1. Duplicates are not allowed2. Only safe links are allowedDon’t worry. I will tell you aboutunsafe links in a moment
  20. 20. Safe or unsafe depends onGoogle Safe Browsing andthe Web Of TrustProbably unsafe links areonly allowed inthedarksideof.zomdir.comOops,separatetranslationsneeded
  21. 21. Do you want to experiment first?Browse to try.zomdir.comPlease feel free, to contribute tothe best directory of the worldThank you, foryour interest inZOMDir.com