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Young Lions CZ 2023 | MEDIA 20

  1. People are not talking about the children's mental health issues. CHALLENGE ? Sskřiváneket al., 2017, Kulhánkováet al., 2020, Knytl et al., 2020, Nevypusť duši + T-mobile, 2022 Because the conversations are hard for them.
  2. We make the conversations easy. SOLUTION Through music.
  3. Music is a universal easy tool to express ourselves INSIGHT
  4. VITAL MELODIES: putting lyrics to a silent crisis A movement of expressing tough moments in children‘s lives through songs to break the silence and hold the necessary dialogue.
  5. 1. We make a noise
  6. 2. We make the noise louder
  7. 3. We utilize the noise
  8. 3. We utilize the noise